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The Terrace Covington, WA 98042 - Lot 6 Briar: $1,135,995

20230 SE 266th Street
5 Bedrooms | 4.50 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 4055 Sq. Ft.
The Terrace Covington, WA 98042 - Lot 8 Briar: $1,147,995

20308 SE 266th Street
4 Bedrooms | 3.75 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 4055 Sq. Ft.
Redstone at Whiskey Ridge Marysville, WA 98270 - Lot 95 Iris: $925,950

4621 88TH AVE NE
4 Bedrooms | 2.50 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 2837 Sq. Ft.
Redstone at Whiskey Ridge Marysville, WA 98270 - Lot 100 Gardenia V2: $925,950

4636 88TH AVE NE
4 Bedrooms | 2.50 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 2685 Sq. Ft.
Cascara Creek Covington, WA 98042 - Lot 1 Birch: $1,034,995

25101 161st Ave SE
5 Bedrooms | 2.75 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 3119 Sq. Ft.
MainVue Homes at Horizon Blaine, WA 98230 - Lot 1 Lupine: $1,042,700

8480 Camas Drive
5 Bedrooms | 2.75 Baths | 3 Car Garage | 3947 Sq. Ft.
Lakeland Ridge Lake Tapps, WA 98391 - Lot 66 Palmetto: $1,044,995

16310 26th Street E
4 Bedrooms | 3.50 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 3083 Sq. Ft.
MainVue Homes at Horizon Blaine, WA 98230 - Lot 28 Lupine: $1,047,995

8452 Camas Drive
4 Bedrooms | 2.50 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 3947 Sq. Ft.
Clark Lake Ridge Kent, WA 98030 - Lot 33 Gardenia V2: $1,050,950

24210 118th Pl SE
4 Bedrooms | 2.50 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 2685 Sq. Ft.
Hillside Vista Lake Stevens, WA 98258 - Lot 82 Palmetto: $1,077,950

10829 17th PL SE
4 Bedrooms | 3.50 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 3083 Sq. Ft.
Clark Lake Ridge Kent, WA 98030 - Lot 29 Iris: $1,082,995

11903 SE 242nd St
4 Bedrooms | 2.50 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 2837 Sq. Ft.
Hawthorne Crest Renton, WA 98058 - Lot 30 Gardenia: $1,169,950

17907 135th Pl SE
3 Bedrooms | 2.50 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 2372 Sq. Ft.
Tolt River Terrace Carnation, WA 98014 - Lot 3 Gardenia V2: $1,173,750

31950 Victoria St
4 Bedrooms | 2.50 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 2685 Sq. Ft.
Tolt River Terrace Carnation, WA 98014 - Lot 80 Gardenia V2: $1,179,995

3658 Grace Ave
4 Bedrooms | 2.50 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 2685 Sq. Ft.
Tolt River Terrace Carnation, WA 98014 - Lot 1 Abelia: $1,182,150

31934 Victoria St
4 Bedrooms | 2.75 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 2727 Sq. Ft.
Tolt River Terrace Carnation, WA 98014 - Lot 2 Iris: $1,190,950

34942 Victoria St
4 Bedrooms | 2.50 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 2837 Sq. Ft.
Hawthorne Crest Renton, WA 98058 - Lot 28 Gardenia V2: $1,208,950

17937 135th Pl SE
4 Bedrooms | 2.50 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 2685 Sq. Ft.
Tolt River Terrace Carnation, WA 98014 - Lot 71 Abelia: $1,214,900

3611 Stossel Ave
4 Bedrooms | 2.75 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 2727 Sq. Ft.
Hawthorne Crest Renton, WA 98058 - Lot 29 Iris: $1,224,950

17929 135th Pl SE
4 Bedrooms | 2.50 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 2837 Sq. Ft.
Tolt River Terrace Carnation, WA 98014 - Lot 75 Cypress: $1,345,450

3675 Stossel Ave
5 Bedrooms | 2.75 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 3295 Sq. Ft.
Clark Lake Ridge Kent, WA 98030 - Lot 18 Lotus: $1,368,150

24127 118th Pl SE
4 Bedrooms | 4.50 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 4239 Sq. Ft.
Hawthorne Crest Renton, WA 98058 - Lot 3 Verbena: $1,384,995

17969 134th Pl SE
4 Bedrooms | 2.50 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 3561 Sq. Ft.
Hawthorne Crest Renton, WA 98058 - Lot 26 Cypress: $1,386,995

17964 134th Pl SE
5 Bedrooms | 2.75 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 3295 Sq. Ft.
Hawthorne Crest Renton, WA 98058 - Lot 19 Dahlia: $1,451,450

17802 134th Pl SE
4 Bedrooms | 2.50 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 3781 Sq. Ft.
Edmonds Ridge Edmonds, WA 98026 - Lot 34 Juniper: $1,504,450

16017 57TH AVE SW
5 Bedrooms | 3.25 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 3139 Sq. Ft.
Edmonds Ridge Edmonds, WA 98026 - Lot 26 Spirea: $1,682,150

5726 161ST ST SW
5 Bedrooms | 3.75 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 3832 Sq. Ft.
Dashwood at May Creek Newcastle, WA 98056 - Lot 14 Spirea: $2,002,250

8670 121st Pl SE
5 Bedrooms | 3.50 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 3832 Sq. Ft.
Dashwood at May Creek Newcastle, WA 98056 - Lot 16 Indigo: $2,044,050

12073 SE 87th Way
4 Bedrooms | 3.25 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 4028 Sq. Ft.
Dashwood at May Creek Newcastle, WA 98056 - Lot 10 Azalea: $2,140,650

8616 121st Pl SE
5 Bedrooms | 3.50 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 4417 Sq. Ft.
Dashwood at May Creek Newcastle, WA 98056 - Lot 11 Azalea: $2,142,950

8628 121st Pl SE
5 Bedrooms | 3.50 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 4417 Sq. Ft.
MainVue at McCormick Port Orchard, WA 98367 - Lot 38 Cypress: $814,995

3694 SW Blackburn Ln
5 Bedrooms | 2.75 Baths | 3 Car Garage | 3295 Sq. Ft.
MainVue at McCormick Port Orchard, WA 98367 - Lot 20 Zinnia: $819,700

5571 Great Glen Rd SW
4 Bedrooms | 2.50 Baths | 3 Car Garage | 3290 Sq. Ft.
MainVue at McCormick Port Orchard, WA 98367 - Lot 26 Cypress: $852,450

5681 Great Glen Rd SW
5 Bedrooms | 2.75 Baths | 3 Car Garage | 3295 Sq. Ft.
MainVue at McCormick Port Orchard, WA 98367 - Lot 15 Dahlia: $858,650

5441 Great Glen Rd SW
4 Bedrooms | 2.75 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 3781 Sq. Ft.
MainVue at McCormick Port Orchard, WA 98367 - Lot 42 Ivy: $870,950

3679 SW Blackburn Ln
4 Bedrooms | 3.50 Baths | 3 Car Garage | 4109 Sq. Ft.
MainVue Homes at Tehaleh Bonney Lake, WA 98391 - Lot 226 Juniper: $871,450

20613 156th St E
5 Bedrooms | 3.25 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 3139 Sq. Ft.
MainVue at McCormick Port Orchard, WA 98367 - Lot 21 Fuchsia: $875,995

5601 Great Glen Rd SW
4 Bedrooms | 2.50 Baths | 3 Car Garage | 3582 Sq. Ft.
MainVue at McCormick Port Orchard, WA 98367 - Lot 45 Briar: $876,700

5430 Great Glen Rd SW
4 Bedrooms | 3.50 Baths | 3 Car Garage | 4055 Sq. Ft.
MainVue Homes at Horizon Blaine, WA 98230 - Lot 8 Cypress: $879,450

8483 Camas Drive
5 Bedrooms | 2.75 Baths | 3 Car Garage | 3295 Sq. Ft.
MainVue at McCormick Port Orchard, WA 98367 - Lot 24 Briar: $890,650

5651 Great Glen Rd SW
4 Bedrooms | 3.75 Baths | 3 Car Garage | 4055 Sq. Ft.
MainVue at McCormick Port Orchard, WA 98367 - Lot 120 Ivy: $900,950

3315 SW Mooring Ln
4 Bedrooms | 3.50 Baths | 3 Car Garage | 4109 Sq. Ft.
Lakeland Ridge Lake Tapps, WA 98391 - Lot 53 Gardenia V3: $906,950

16409 27th Street Court E
4 Bedrooms | 2.50 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 2609 Sq. Ft.
MainVue Homes at Tehaleh Bonney Lake, WA 98391 - Lot 224 Willow: $907,650

20621 156th St E
4 Bedrooms | 4.50 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 3633 Sq. Ft.
Lakeland Ridge Lake Tapps, WA 98391 - Lot 56 Gardenia V2: $911,950

16503 27th Street Court E
4 Bedrooms | 2.50 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 2685 Sq. Ft.
MainVue Homes at Tehaleh Bonney Lake, WA 98391 - Lot 225 Dahlia: $919,450

20619 156th St E
4 Bedrooms | 2.50 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 3781 Sq. Ft.
MainVue at McCormick Port Orchard, WA 98367 - Lot 19 Ivy: $926,995

5561 Great Glen Rd SW
4 Bedrooms | 3.50 Baths | 3 Car Garage | 4109 Sq. Ft.
MainVue at McCormick Port Orchard, WA 98367 - Lot 7 Briar: $928,775

4230 Reef Rd SW
4 Bedrooms | 3.75 Baths | 3 Car Garage | 4055 Sq. Ft.
MainVue at McCormick Port Orchard, WA 98367 - Lot 8 Ivy: $934,850

4220 Reef Rd SW
4 Bedrooms | 3.50 Baths | 3 Car Garage | 4109 Sq. Ft.
MainVue at McCormick Port Orchard, WA 98367 - Lot 61 Lotus: $937,575

4210 Reef Rd SW
4 Bedrooms | 4.50 Baths | 3 Car Garage | 4239 Sq. Ft.
Lakeland Ridge Lake Tapps, WA 98391 - Lot 36 Sycamore: $941,200

16229 27th Street Court E
4 Bedrooms | 2.50 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 2760 Sq. Ft.
Lakeland Ridge Lake Tapps, WA 98391 - Lot 46 Abelia: $948,995

16307 27th Street Court E
4 Bedrooms | 2.75 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 2727 Sq. Ft.
MainVue Homes at Tehaleh Bonney Lake, WA 98391 - Lot 229 Lotus: $953,400

20505 155th Ln E
4 Bedrooms | 4.50 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 4239 Sq. Ft.
Lakeland Ridge Lake Tapps, WA 98391 - Lot 31 Abelia: $965,995

16113 27th Street Court E
4 Bedrooms | 2.75 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 2727 Sq. Ft.
MainVue Homes at Tehaleh Bonney Lake, WA 98391 - Lot 223 Briar: $966,150

15526 207th Ave E
4 Bedrooms | 3.75 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 4055 Sq. Ft.
MainVue at Ten Trails Black Diamond, WA 98010 - Lot 284 Orchid: $974,995

23132 Alder Lane SE
4 Bedrooms | 2.50 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 3111 Sq. Ft.
Lakeland Ridge Lake Tapps, WA 98391 - Lot 47 Birch: $977,995

16313 27th Street Court E
4 Bedrooms | 2.50 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 3119 Sq. Ft.
Lakeland Ridge Lake Tapps, WA 98391 - Lot 35 Birch: $982,950

16221 27th Street Court E
4 Bedrooms | 2.50 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 3319 Sq. Ft.
MainVue Homes at Horizon Blaine, WA 98230 - Lot 44 Ivy: $983,694

5443 Lonicera Drive
4 Bedrooms | 3.50 Baths | 3 Car Garage | 4109 Sq. Ft.
Lakeland Ridge Lake Tapps, WA 98391 - Lot 82 Gardenia V2: $994,995

16503 26th Street E
4 Bedrooms | 2.50 Baths | 3 Car Garage | 2685 Sq. Ft.
Hillside Vista Lake Stevens, WA 98258 - Lot 98 Gardenia V2: $997,750

1615 109th DR SE
4 Bedrooms | 2.50 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 2685 Sq. Ft.
MainVue Homes at Tehaleh Bonney Lake, WA 98391 - Lot 227 Lotus: $999,700

20515 155th Ln E
4 Bedrooms | 4.50 Baths | 3 Car Garage | 4239 Sq. Ft.
MainVue at Ten Trails Small Town Spirit – Big Nearby Amenities

edge of historic Black Diamond, MainVue invites its Ten Trails’ homebuyers to create a heritage all their own. Let our sophisticated, open-flow kitchens and great room designs become the backdrop to your family celebrations; relax as our patterned-with-you-in-mind master suites offer respite from work demands. MainVue’s ever-present luxury inclusions – from chic stainless-steel appliances to modern Grohe fixtures – pamper daily living. Central to Ten Trails is a community area with the future in mind including planned designs for a retail village and several new schools, MainVue homesites will host many of our most popular multi-bedroom designs, with guest suites and entertainment options found in leisure spaces and multi-purpose rooms. Barely 30 miles from dynamic Bellevue and Seattle attractions, Ten Trails co-mingles open space with countless hiking and biking trails through protected forest, all connected to a responsibly crafted community. Preserve your own open-air setting off MainVue’s spacious Signature Outdoor Room, an especially popular and unique space. Buyers with children in mind are discovering the nearby appeal of the new Black Diamond Elementary, and successful modernizations at Enumclaw High School. Opportunity, academics and enrichment in Enumclaw schools combine to place the district near the top in Washington state. From a MainVue Ten Trails home, it’s one hour south to hiking Mount Rainier National Park’s subalpine wildflower meadows – and just five miles north to fresh groceries and eateries at Maple Valley Town Square/Four Corners. From your storage-essential MainVue butler’s pantry and possibly Grand Butler’s pantry, pack a picnic for boating, swimming and fishing in Lake Sawyer, King County’s fourth-largest freshwater lake just minutes north. Even closer to home, MainVue buyers are buzzing with their vision of simple, healthy living and Ten Trails’ existing and planned facilities for basketball; bocce ball; fire pits; comfy Adirondack chairs; an herb garden; parks; outdoor theater area; free Wi-Fi through the community, and 1 GB high-speed Internet in each home. By mirroring Black Diamond’s small-town spirit, MainVue invites you to be part of Ten Trails – your new hometown built from the ground up.  ...
MainVue Homes at Horizon Freshly Minted for a New Era

it replaces urban volume with its own peaceful rhapsody crafted by panoramic vistas, comfortable pace and fresh-air recreation. Clouds, tides and sunsets put on a new show nightly. Each MainVue homesite is a natural setting for nearly- or already-retired homebuyers who have earned all the luxury they have worked for. Just a few minutes from charming Blaine, 20 miles north of Bellingham conveniences, and about a two-hour drive north from Seattle, Horizon is minutes from the Canadian border. From your MainVue home at Horizon, venture next to tidepools that are home to colorful hermit crabs. Surf. Sand. Sky. Stroll the beach with your dog while bald eagles, blue herons and other seabirds swoop overhead. Trails meandering offer ideal walking routes. Paved roads, meanwhile, lead to Semiahmoo Resort and its three restaurants and golf course, where membership is optional. With Salish Sea views and clear-day sightings of the San Juan Islands, you may find yourself sipping a second cup of morning coffee or evening glass of wine while basking in your MainVue Signature Outdoor Room. MainVue’s exceptional designs available are specifically selected for the Horizon lifestyle - sophisticated luxury. Choose from among single- and multi-story designs, most with storage-friendly three-car garages. All MainVue offerings assure freshly minted comfort: relaxing Grand Suites; professional work-from-home Dens; Great Rooms that flow seamlessly into chic Dining Rooms; and generous Gourmet Kitchens. Some designs go even deeper with a Grand Butler’s Pantry for elaborate holiday entertaining, or bedroom arrangements for friends and family overnight stays. In some designs, an upstairs leisure room becomes a yoga or art studio, library or crafting station. Ready for the next phase in life? Think of MainVue Homes in Horizon as the perfect lithograph. ...
MainVue Homes at Tehaleh Superior Land; Ultimate Living

day, as MainVue offers 43 site-ready choices in the picturesque Pierce County community that has earned this name, homebuyers will agree. Set near the entrance to this 1,800-acre highlands lush master planned community, MainVue is graced with homesites resting against protected greenbelt stretching near Ponder Pond, and more open spaces to explore daily. Nearby, Sumner School District’s multi-award-winning Eismann Elementary School engages children with outstanding class-room programs, while nature’s greatest lessons and outdoor adventures are found daily throughout the community’s sprawling expanse. Experience nature on the grandest scale possible with breathtaking views of the mountain peaks in the distance. Hike, bicycle or backpack more than 10 miles of Tehaleh trails that loop past its 11 community parks, including Hounds Hollow off-leash dog park field and trails; Big Sky Park with t-rex ribs for climbing, zip line, bocce ball and picnic areas; and Sprouts Holler’s ball fields, scooter park and sledding hill. Daily conveniences are as close as Bonney Lake and Sumner, and nearby Puyallup offers the color of the Washington State Fairgrounds and South Hill Mall. Tehaleh in Bonney Lake, WA meanwhile, is carving out its own town center dedicated to simple shopping, easy errands and social hubs. With flowing spaces that connect the great room with sophisticated, entertainment-ready kitchens and Signature Outdoor Rooms, MainVue’s new homes in Tehaleh offer dynamic home designs that blend seamlessly with Tehaleh, adding a whole new dimension to superior living. ...
Blanca Brilliantly Bothell

between amenities in Bothell’s Canyon Park, North Creek and Thrasher’s Corner hubs, Blanca offers a know-your-neighbor feel at the edge of northeast King and south Snohomish counties. Lush open space stretches behind each of its 17 homesites. While it’s already surrounded by Bothell’s picturesque landscapes and snow-capped mountain vistas, Blanca treats its front yards to scenes across their quiet street. It’s a direct view to the park’s ready-for-imagination-and-energy play structure, walking path and outdoor benches for adult coffee time. With Blanca as your home base, well-designed commutes to technology, biotechnology, healthcare, aerospace and other employers are strategically connected via Interstate 405, and highways 9 and 522. Many of these careers are fueled by the world-class educational programs at nearby UW Bothell, Cascadia College and outstanding Northshore Schools – where extracurricular activities match academics in awards. Meanwhile, recreation and leisure activities are in a class all their own. For indoor/outdoor fun for all ages, explore old-town Bothell and its historic and quaint tree-lined, pedestrian-friendly boulevard. It’s where McMenamins has transformed the 1930s Anderson School into a boutique movie theater, North Shore Lagoon indoor tropical swimming pool, and folksy pubs with locally brewed ales, ciders, wines and spirits. Nearby, Bothell Landing features a boat-themed playground for kids, the town’s history museum, and a bridge connected to 9.5 miles of walking and bicycling on Sammamish River Trail. It’s Americana Central for the city’s annual Fourth of July parade and festivities. If surrounding Bothell had a middle name, it would be “Outdoorsy.” Its 400 acres of parkland includes 26 parks and 3.6 miles of regional trails. Several miles of well-maintained trails meander through forests, wetlands and open meadows in nearby North Creek Park. Retreat with a solitary weekend jog or introduce young ones to the birds and wildlife here. Nearby, this park also features fenced and off-leash dog areas. Not to be outdone by its surroundings, the “indoorsy” side of the collection at Blanca is genius. MainVue’s luxury inclusions elevate entertainment and amplify sophistication with the larger plans here. Melt into the relaxation of the free-standing soaking tub in your Grand Suite. Snag a favorite snack in a spacious Gourmet Kitchen Pantry while checking on a child’s homework. Binge-watch a favorite TV series in your open-flow Great Room. Fire up the grill for weekend dinner in the Signature Outdoor Room. MainVue Homes consistently offers a smart array of homes. At Blanca, homebuyers make their Bothell home here brilliant. ...
Elmbrook Elevating Bothell-Area Living

modern townhomes with an appeal to first-time buyers. Deeper into the neighborhood: contemporary single-family homes with family-centric choices. Leisure and activities for all ages are designed into Elmbrook, starting with its own community park and open grassy lawn. While little ones rollick on the large play structure, adults can kick it up with a pick-up match on the park’s soccer field. And when the school bell rings, a paved path in Elmbrook takes a direct route across the street to Fernwood Elementary, one of the community’s strong feeder schools. Get all your daily cardio steps in on the paved path that loops the park. Or abandon exercise altogether and grab dinner-to-go from nearby Canyon Park or Thrashers Corner shopping centers. When the clock strikes Happy Hour, Elmbrook is just minutes from Woodinville Wine Country featuring dozens of wineries and tasting rooms hosting seasonal events, summer concerts and tasty vinos. Smart commutes to tech, aerospace and other employers make it easy to meet up with friends after work via Interstate 405, and highways 9 and 522. Anchored by University of Washington Bothell and Cascadia College, the Bothell and North Creek corridors are flush with employers. With plenty of space for fun and luxury inclusions back at Elmbrook, MainVue showcases one townhome and two single-family model homes open to explore. Spacious townhomes feature soaring ceilings and Gourmet Kitchens for chic entertaining, while stylish Home Office spaces make it convenient to work from home. Large windows, two-vehicle garages and luxury bath amenities blend practicality with pampering. Elmbrook’s single-family homes, meanwhile, offer equally high levels of luxury with more space. Host game day here, where guests may gather in the voluminous Great Room and the snacks you’ve arranged on the spacious Gourmet Kitchen’s Supersized Quartz-topped Island. Invite friends to spill out to the Signature Outdoor Room while you fire up the grill or entertain kids in your upstairs Leisure Room. A free-standing soaking tub in the spa-like Grand Suite is waiting for your after-party relaxation. When it comes to good times with distinct choices, Elmbrook inspires homeowners to discover what makes them happiest. ...
Tolt River Terrace Discover Carnation: A Charming Gateway to Tranquil Living

fresh blend of offerings: MainVue’s highly sought-after single-family homes along with a new mix of its first-ever townhome designs. Not to be outdone by its small-town beauty, Carnation’s historic downtown corridor reflects the respect and affection neighbors here have nurtured for more than 100 years. Tolt River Terrace mirrors these same appealing qualities with existing natural features bordering the community and clusters of grassy open spaces preserved within. Its Tolt Avenue setting is directly across Fall City/Carnation Road Northeast from stunning 574-acre Tolt MacDonald Park. Chinook salmon spawn and osprey fly undisturbed overhead here at the confluence of the Tolt and Snoqualmie rivers. Home to an outdoor musical festival and 500-foot suspension bridge linked to miles of mountain biking trails, the park is also a springboard to Snoqualmie Valley Trail. This 27-mile river route spans from Duvall to North Bend while giving bicyclists and hikers picturesque views of local farms and Cascade mountain foothills. Try your hand at fresh fruits, berries and vegetables at nearly a dozen local U-Pick farms – or bicycle about a mile to Remlinger Farms, which pays homage to the region’s rich dairy history. Explore the market’s down-home flavors of jams, soups and more. Gear up for all-ages entertainment featuring spring and summer amusement rides, a petting zoo, autumn pumpkin patch, train rides and outdoor concerts. Inside, a year-round arcade is family friendly while adults may prefer entertainment in the brewery or wine bar. Even closer to home: the short route Tolt River Terrace has designed to adjacent Tolt Middle School – one of Riverview District’s three award-winning schools – so students can walk to that campus. Adults, meanwhile, will find a 25-minute driving commute to Redmond’s Microsoft campus. Highway 203 and various backroads link Carnation to other urban amenities in Bellevue, Woodinville and Issaquah. Aromatic coffee, a slice of pizza or berry pie, meanwhile, are as close as any of the locally owned businesses in Carnation. Back at home, with a Snoqualmie Valley vibe all its own, the varied selections at Tolt River Terrace lead with luxury. Like its other well-respected communities throughout the region, MainVue’s single-family homes define sophisticated comfort with multi-bedroom, multi-level designs. Euro-style Gourmet Kitchen cabinets complement spacious walk-in Pantries for smart staples. That leaves your ultra-thick Quartz counters and supersized island open for game-day party buffets or weekday casual dining. Equally modern: an open flow into the main-level Great Room with cozy gas fireplace. Spacious entertainment expands into the chic Dining Room and the all-season Signature Outdoor Room – a space that never met a morning coffee or quiet afternoon nap it wasn’t ready for. Want even more privacy? Close the upper-level Grand Suite door behind you for ultimate pampering in the Grand Bath’s stand-alone soaking tub or frameless walk-in shower. Luxury is evident throughout attractive townhome designs here, as well. Stage your lower level for a private Home Office – or tailor it into an extra bedroom with its own bath. Your covered deck opens to fresh valley air on the second floor while natural light illuminates the chic fixtures and finishes in the Grand Bath – including dual-sink vanity and walk-in shower. Similarly chic, new duplex designs will reflect some of MainVue’s finest finishes: Stainless Steel appliances in the Gourmet Kitchens; oversized windows boasting natural light in Grand Suites; thick Quartz counters; and designer-selected large-format floor tiles in Grand Bath Suites boasting dual vanities and walk-in showers. At Tolt River Terrace, MainVue’s livability and luxury are one in the same. And never underestimate the restorative magic of Carnation’s fresh air, starry skies and wide-open space to bring this all together. ...
The Terrace Punching Your Ticket to the Good Life

nty’s new Covington Connector road expansion, The Terrace is barely a mile from the visionary LakePointe Urban Village. Pop into a car or hop onto a bike from The Terrace to this 214-acre vibrant social hub edging a 20-acre lake. LakePointe is meticulously designed for nearly 50 trending restaurants, fun-to-shop retailers, state-of-the-art movie theater and a live entertainment performance platform. When homeowners at The Terrace discover potential employment opportunities, plus professional and healthcare services arranged throughout LakePointe, they will find unparalleled 365/everyday work/play balance. Commuters at The Terrace, meanwhile, can fast-track their route to Highway 18 on the Covington Connector. Log a trip to downtown Seattle or Bellevue – or to work at a myriad of tech companies, Boeing or REI – in under 35 minutes. Even before LakePointe’s grand opening, The Terrace enjoys proximity to more than 151 acres of nearby Covington parks. Within three miles of home, neighbors at The Terrace can enjoy swimming, prime picnic areas, and healthy sports courts and walking/biking paths at Lake Meridian, Lake Youngs and Soos Creek Trail. To match these magnificent offerings, MainVue’s collection at The Terrace showcases its finest home designs. Sophisticated, open-flow Gourmet Kitchens, Great Room and Signature Outdoor Room plans become center stage for impeccable entertaining. A supersized Grand Kitchen Island, chic Stainless Steel appliances and 3cm Quartz countertop surfaces, oversized windows, designer free-standing tub in the Grand Suite topped with Chrome hardware are just the start to ever-ready luxury inclusions throughout each home. As early rave reviews continue pouring in for LakePointe’s future, The Terrace is ahead of the curve with its proven MainVue track record – and ready to punch your ticket to the good life. Front-row summer seats-in-the-sun and dreamy winter walks to upscale leisure-and-lifestyle features are among the countless year-round perks for homebuyers at The Terrace – an 11-homesite MainVue enclave in Covington. And the coveted bonuses keep coming. With direct access to southeast King County’s new Covington Connector road expansion, The Terrace is barely a mile from the visionary LakePointe Urban Village. Pop into a car or hop onto a bike from The Terrace to this 214-acre vibrant social hub edging a 20-acre lake. LakePointe is meticulously designed for nearly 50 trending restaurants, fun-to-shop retailers, state-of-the-art movie theater and a live entertainment performance platform. When homeowners at The Terrace discover potential employment opportunities, plus professional and healthcare services arranged throughout LakePointe, they will find unparalleled 365/everyday work/play balance. Commuters at The Terrace, meanwhile, can fast-track their route to Highway 18 on the Covington Connector. Log a trip to downtown Seattle or Bellevue – or to work at a myriad of tech companies, Boeing or REI – in under 35 minutes. Even before LakePointe’s grand opening, The Terrace enjoys proximity to more than 151 acres of nearby Covington parks. Within three miles of home, neighbors at The Terrace can enjoy swimming, prime picnic areas, and healthy sports courts and walking/biking paths at Lake Meridian, Lake Youngs and Soos Creek Trail. To match these magnificent offerings, MainVue’s collection at The Terrace showcases its finest home designs. Sophisticated, open-flow Gourmet Kitchens, Great Room and Signature Outdoor Room plans become center stage for impeccable entertaining. A supersized Grand Kitchen Island, chic Stainless Steel appliances and 3cm Quartz countertop surfaces, oversized windows, designer free-standing tub in the Grand Suite topped with Chrome hardware are just the start to ever-ready luxury inclusions throughout each home. As early rave reviews continue pouring in for LakePointe’s future, The Terrace is ahead of the curve with its proven MainVue track record – and ready to punch your ticket to the good life. ...
Cascara Creek Compass Points to Comfort

King County’s finest outdoor recreation hotspots for pure, clean fun. Cushioned by generous swaths of long-established native trees and shrubs, it’s natural that many of Cascara Creek’s homes will rest against or view out to soothing green neighborhood eco-systems. Bonus to all this appeal? There’s no need to sacrifice family-friendly conveniences. Stock up at Covington’s own Costco, or other local grocery amenities nearby. Work out at LA Fitness or your favorite yoga studio. And never feel guilty about grabbing a quick bite from Chick-fil-A, The Rock Wood Fired Pizza or an abundance of other carryout places nearby. You can always work it off by hiking, boating, fishing or golfing at Lake Meridian, Lake Youngs, Meridian Valley Country Club or Soos Creek Trail. Popular Lake Wilderness Park sets the stage to the 18-mile paved Cedar River Trail, a route connecting Renton, Maplewood, Cedar Mountain, Maple Valley and Rock Creek. Eventually, all roads lead back to Cascara Creek, where MainVue Homes offers high-level comforts with equally grand levels of sophistication. Work from home? The modern Home Office options here think like you do. Throw a party that bridges your open-flow Great Room and chic gourmet Kitchen into your all-season Signature Outdoor Room. Guests won’t want to miss it. Throughout each design, Cascara Creek selections feature savvy solutions and luxury inclusions that strike an impeccable work/life balance. If you’re commuting to the job, Cascara Creek sets you up for success. Find easy access to Highways 515, 516 and 18 – all the best connectors to Highway 167, and Interstates 5 and 405. It places Bellevue, Seattle and Tacoma’s finest features close enough for convenience – but distant enough for comfort. No matter where life takes you, MainVue Home’s Cascara Creek brings you home. ...
Edmonds Ridge Symphony for the Senses

subtle reminder to those at Edmonds Ridge that the 62 homesites here are in an impossible-to-replicate place. Set near Meadowdale Beach Park – a gentle-hike waterfront gem with postcard-worthy vistas and spectacular sunsets over Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountain – Edmonds Ridge is a rare find in this comfortably established corner of southwest Snohomish County. Without a doubt, single-family neighborhoods here are uncommon. Without as much as a downbeat, Edmonds Ridge - which enjoys top-tier elementary, middle and high schools as close as two miles from any homeowners’ front door - triples-down on its appeal. Forests meet fishing meet beachcombing meet boating not far from Edmonds Ridge. Equally appealing: the area’s five miles of shoreline and 23 city parks including sites for dogs and scuba divers. Edmonds’ status as the state’s first “Creative District” is earned through the arts in ways homebuyers in other communities never even imagined: diverse music and dance performance sites; venues for literary and visual arts; and increasingly popular culinary and beverage offerings in its walkable downtown. Homebuyers seeking a slice of Edmonds “tight-knit” character are drawn to the always-appreciated appeals of MainVue Homes at Edmonds Ridge. Less than 20 commuting miles north of Seattle via Highway 99 or Interstate 5, and even closer to Everett via both routes, MainVue Homes’ luxury offerings at Edmonds Ridge emphasize what best complements this neighborhood. Find more time for hobbies, fitness and kid zones in MainVue Leisure Rooms designed into sophisticated multi-level plans. Embrace the decadence and privacy of Grand Bedroom Suites with Ensuites featuring designer fixtures, tile finishes and walk-in showers. Savor the excitement of planning holiday parties surrounded by dynamic open-flow attractions connecting a sophisticated Gourmet Kitchen with its Quartz-capped supersized service island to the chic Dining Room and even more voluminous Great Room. And when the moment is right to throw open the floor-to-ceiling window walls linked to the Signature Outdoor Room for all-season entertaining, soak up the symphonic-like composition of romantic sounds at Edmonds Ridge. ...
Clark Lake Ridge Writing a Winning Formula

temporary conveniences – that this neighborhood seems to have its own gravitational pull. Barely a quarter mile from 130-acre Clark Lake Park, savvy Clark Lake Ridge offers its own walk- or stroller-up community park featuring a large, active play structure and multi-use sports court. After a rousing round of pickleball, sit at picnic tables designed for neighbors to connect. Nearby, the larger forested, lakeside park is part peaceful nature preserve, part dockside fishing haven. Dotted by seasonal wildflowers and Mount Rainier views, the park’s boardwalks, bridges and walking trails (some with access to the Green River Trail) make it an on-leash dog paradise. Just a few minutes from Clark Lake Ridge, on-the-go homeowners can free up more time any leisure with convenient services, shopping, entertainment, dining selections and day-to-day business at Kent Station’s contemporary and eclectic open-air urban village. Even closer: the neighborhood’s elementary and middle schools, and popular year-round Wilson Playfields. Youth soccer, baseball and flag football energize the fields while an all-ages/all-abilities interactive NEOS™ kids’ play system sparks imaginations nearby. Ready to relax? Your Clark Lake Ridge home by MainVue blends sophistication with functionality. Leisure Rooms provide a buffer between sometimes noisy kid-zone play upstairs and the modern and savvy amenities spinning off from the main-level open-flow Great Room. Euro-style gourmet Kitchen cabinets and a generous pantry nearby mean you can stock up on necessities and still leave space atop ultra-thick Quartz supersized island counter for weekend pizza parties or morning coffee. Expand entertainment to the ever-popular all-season Signature Outdoor Room for a variety of ages. And after the rest of the household has gone to sleep, pamper yourself in the Grand Suite. Unwind among bubbles floating in the free-standing soaking tub or melt away stress in steam emanating from your tile-accented walk-in shower. With practicality and definitive luxury like this, homebuyers don’t need a Ph.D. in science to know pricing, amenities and design are pure genius at Clark Lake Ridge. ...
Woodrock The Essence of Style with Carefree Convenience

Woodrock is surrounded by its own natural beauty. Find it from Everett by crossing Highway 2’s trestle bridge and driving past dynamic wetlands and rich farmland before ascending the hill to South Lake Stevens Road. Directly across from top-ranked Glenwood Elementary School, Woodrock homeowners enjoy highly successful academic, sports and arts programs of Lake Stevens School District and their own neighborhood park with playground. Wooded views and winding roads paint Woodrock’s attractive streetscape while MainVue’s impeccable new home designs, luxury inclusions and flexible living spaces showcase exceptional style and functionality. Stock up one - or two - Butler’s Pantries after a convenient trip to a new Costco store barely a mile away. Greet guests in your voluminous Foyer, host them at the supersized Gourmet Kitchen island and then impress them with each design’s Signature Outdoor Room framed by oversized sliding glass doors. Woodrock’s sophisticated Master Suites, Leisure Room and Multi-Purpose Room choices provide a level of chic and comfortable privacy most other homebuyers only dream of. Outdoors, meanwhile, recreation heaven is everywhere. Keep up with your leashed dog or tyke on training wheels – or enjoy your own jog or cycling along Centennial Trail’s 30 paved miles, just minutes from Woodrock. Dynamic Stevens Pass hiking and skiing are less than an hour away. When temperatures warm, swimming and boating at signature Lake Stevens calls. When work and errands call, Woodrock’s easy access to Interstate 5, and highways 2 and 9, offers quick connections to Bellevue and Seattle, and Snohomish County jobs at Naval Station Everett, Providence Medical Center and Boeing. With all of what this MainVue Homes neighborhood has to offer, it may still be hard to put your finger on exactly how to identify the essence of its many attractions. But with Woodrock, when you know, you know. ...
Hillside Vista Sweeter than Nostalgia

preserved open space, Hillside Vista offers steadfast outdoor appeals and every possible inch of contemporary living inside. Lush farmlands, waterways and the Cascade foothills enhance its tranquility. Academics, arts and sports at nearby Glenwood Elementary – part of Top-15-in-the-state-ranked Lake Stevens schools – reinforce student success. Everett’s Naval Station, Providence Medical Center, and Boeing’s aerospace facilities are workforce mainstays via Highways 2 or 9, and Interstate 5. Some Hillside Vista homesites back up to green belts; others enjoy a backyard embracing landscaped open space and a park. Select sites revel in views of shimmering Lake Stevens. From there, MainVue’s sophisticated and practical designs cover everything else. Signature Outdoor Rooms were seemingly curated for Hillside Vista. Dynamic glass walls slide open from a flowing great room, gourmet kitchen or chic dining room out to expand seamless entertainment space. Close these window-walls for ultimate covered sanctuary. Inside, double-down on the kitchen’s supersized island. Host a healthy weekend brunch with fresh favorites from Old Town Lake Stevens, Frontier Village or any of the nearby seasonal Farmers Markets. Later, make the island a schoolwork-at-home hotspot. In select plans, a den provides enhanced work-from-home privacy. Every room – from the modern master suite to the upstairs leisure room – allows families to spread out. There’s always space for a kids’ play zone or an any-age fitness studio. Outdoor fitness at Hillside Vista, meanwhile, is virtually unlimited. Fish, swim and boat on Lake Stevens. Leash up your pup or teach a tot to ride a bike on 30 paved miles of Centennial Trail. Push your boundaries even further into Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest while hiking, mountain biking or backpacking.   For those moving across town or across the country, Hillside Vista offers a backdrop so enduring that homeowners can’t help but create their own nostalgia for the ages...
Lakeland Ridge When It All Adds Up

ive accessible commuting options via highways 410, 99, 18, 167 and 161. Then add the “fabulous four”: nearby beaches; rich surrounding farmlands; rolling hills and forest-like parks. Multiply it by three of Lakeland Ridge’s lively community parks - and then again by its own three naturally gorgeous, protected wetlands. Maximize this with the best outdoor recreation of two counties – right on the edge of both King and Pierce: fishing, hiking, swimming, boating and more. And still, buyers are frequently drawn by what many consider its No. 1 allure: Dieringer School District. Without doubt, Lakeland Ridge appeals exponentially to families with top-ranked Lake Tapps Elementary and North Tapps Middle schools – both consistently reporting test scores at least 20 points higher than state averages. It’s no wonder that parks with basketball courts and playgrounds throughout Lakeland Ridge generate the same healthy energy that youthful homebuyers bring to MainVue selections here. Grand windows throughout these designs pour natural light into voluminous great rooms which transition into glamourous gourmet kitchens with equally elegant counters, cabinets and appliances and practical pantries. Also off this comfortable space: MainVue’s all-season signature outdoor room, with fresh air wafting from the foothills of Mount Rainier National Park. Convenient grocery and to-go needs are as close as Lakeland Town Center and even greater shopping and personal services at Bonney Lake Village, so Lakeland Ridge homeowners can enjoy more leisure time. Between the neighborhood’s inherent serenity and MainVue’s multitude of amenities, Lakeland Ridge homebuyers don’t even need to bother counting all the reasons they choose to live here. ...
Cedar Peak Fit for Your Lifestyle

Peak families eager to plant roots in a setting praised for its safety and contemporary country-edge living. Robust trees frame native greenery to secure Cedar Peak’s sense of privacy while its own private neighborhood park and playground ensures a sense of community. Cedar Peak is part of the reason why accolades call Maple Valley one of Washington state’s safest places to live with kids. At Lake Wilderness Elementary and Tahoma High schools, students’ stellar test scores speak for themselves; the entire Tahoma School District consistently places among top-rated districts statewide. Just minutes from Highway 169/Renton-Maple Valley Road and Highway 18, Cedar Park homeowners can branch out onto Interstate 405 or I-5 routes into Seattle and Bellevue. In less than five minutes, neighbors can be swimming, fishing or playing tennis surrounded by 117 acres of natural beauty in Lake Wilderness Park. All on the same day, it’s possible to slow your pace down a notch while strolling through the Lake Wilderness Arboretum or kick it up a few degrees while connecting with friends at nearby Maple Valley Town Square/Four Corners Shopping Center. Barely five minutes from Cedar Peak, this go-to shopping spot has everything covered – from pets and pancakes to pubs and pizzas. Cedar Peak home designs are equally ready for busy weeknights and entertainment-ready weekends. MainVue’s collection highlights stylish open-flow Gourmet Kitchens, Great Rooms and Signature Outdoor Rooms. Stock generous Pantries with your favorites for feasts atop the supersized Grand Kitchen Island. Be assured Leisure Rooms can handle any fitness workout or school assignment. End your day relaxing in your spa-like Grand Suite with a designer free-standing tub, luxurious walk-in frameless shower with shining Chrome hardware. For Cascade foothills beauty near awe-inspiring views of Mount Rainier – and MainVue home designs that meet your growing needs - Cedar Peak is ready to fit your lifestyle. ...
Coyote Flats Footloose and Fashionable

in a spacious home defined by practical, luxury living. That’s the dependability designed in and around this south King County neighborhood. Treated to the reassuring comforts that come with a SafeWise report rating Maple Valley in the top 11 among Washington state’s 2023 Safest Cities, Coyote Flats exudes a family-friendly vibe. It starts with the charm of its wave-to-your-neighbors cul-de-sac featuring its own community open space. Then it reaches out to June and October’s seasonal Maple Valley Days at 117-acre Lake Wilderness Park, less than a five-minute drive from your front door. Don’t be surprised to run into friends at Maple Valley Farmers’ Market or events at nearby Glacier Park Elementary, Maple View Middle and Tahoma High schools. Strong student test scores at these and others in Tahoma School District earn consistently top rankings. Coyote Flats homeowners are just minutes from Highway 169/Renton-Maple Valley Road and Highway 18, allowing them to branch out onto Interstate 405 or I-5 routes into Seattle and Bellevue. As if Mother Nature herself had a role in creating the area’s extensive park system, Maple Valley is outlined by trees, water and Mount Rainier – lifeblood to the Cedar River Watershed and Raging River State Forest. Choices for hiking and bicycling are limitless. Leashed pups will think they’ve discovered dog heaven. If you run into friends while boating, kayaking or paddleboarding at any of the nearby lakes, it’s easy to invite them back to your Coyote Flats home for a barbecue in your Signature Outdoor Room. Make a quick stop at Maple Valley Town Square/Four Corners Shopping Center, just three miles from your home’s sophisticated Gourmet Kitchen. Then fire up the grill for fresh steak, burgers or kebabs. Snacks can be found in your generous Pantry. If the guest list grows, the upstairs games-ready Leisure Room is an ideal place for kids. Adults, meanwhile, can mingle in the sophisticated open-flow Great Room and Dining Room. By day’s end, the sanctuary of the Grand Suite – complete with relaxation-ready free-standing soaking tub, Euro-style cabinets storing your fluffiest towels and sensational lighting that adds extra sparkle to the ultra-thick Quartz vanity counters – is as liberating as it gets. Living in a MainVue home at Coyote Flats releases you to be a bit more footloose, and find the fashionable freedom you were meant for. ...
Redstone at Whiskey Ridge Revving Up Recreation

ntric buyers seeking sweeping recreation designed by Mother Nature – and MainVue Homes. West of Highway 9, this 23-homesite neighborhood defines pastime paradise. Small-town hospitality and mid-sized town amenities craft Redstone at Whiskey Ridge’s superior setting. Think how close you can be to June’s annual Marysville Strawberry Festival (which likes to boast that it has been turning tongues red since 1932). Charmed with its own expansive park, Redstone features a play structure large enough to handle up to 34 kids at one time. While kiddos burn energy, adults burn calories on its soccer field. Competitive neighborhood Disc Golf rivalries stay friendly on the course here, too. Homeowners’ dogs get in on Redstone’s recreation, too. Even without a pup, stroll the neighborhood’s gravel path dotted by comfortable benches - or pop over to Redstone’s fenced and gated off-leash dog run for tail-wagging fun. Clearly, Redstone at Whiskey Ridge offers a bit more pricing allure for first-time buyers. But it’s also uniquely set in exceptional Lake Stevens School District, ranked in the state’s top 12 percent. When smart kids have after-school snack attacks and families host barbecues and holiday parties, the convenient go-to stop is nearby Marysville Town Center. Warehouse-sized stores are as close as Lakewood Crossing and Gateway shopping centers, while the seasonal weekly Marysville Farmers Market draws folks to locally grown and crafted tastes. Outdoor activities cross seamlessly into contemporary-styled MainVue designs here, too. Signature Outdoor Rooms enhance daylight and after-hours cheer. Voluminous interior Great and Dining Room designs connect this fresh-air space pumping up barbecue night or game-day energy. Walk-in Pantries and Grand Butler’s Pantries - complementing sophisticated Gourmet Kitchen layouts with Grand Service Islands and rich European cabinetry - assure a “wow” factor when entertaining. Call this the start. Life at Redstone at Whiskey Ridge isn’t only about fun, games and entertainment. But it’s where your new life begins – and gets even better. ...
Eaglemont Elevating to Magnificent

astoral setting and awe-inspiring vistas of the Cascade Mountains to the east are second to none. Even its transition to Monroe’s nearby shopping and dining amenities, and Everett’s easy-access work commutes is graceful. To preserve this ambiance, a selection of over 250 homesites have been carefully arranged beyond the popular Sinclair Heights neighborhood, creating a sense of established comfort for Eaglemont and positioning MainVue Homes as the premier homebuilder in the entire Monroe area. Past downtown Monroe friendly hustle-bustle, a park with playground and convenient services along Chain Lake Road paves the route to Eaglemont panoramic surroundings. These fabulous foothills are just the start to something big. Hike, ski, fish and swim. Near the convergence of the recreation-packed Skykomish and Snohomish rivers - and at the fabulous Cascade foothills leading to Stevens Pass - Eaglemont holds the key to leisure of all styles. At Eaglemont in Monroe, WA MainVue’s distinctive home designs are far more dynamic than the typical, standard choices. Each dares homebuyers to break away from routine. This new neighborhood is for buyers who deserve something more modern. Explore the Signature Outdoor Rooms. Imagine friends and family enjoying your home’s spacious leisure and multi-purpose rooms. Feel the organization of your butler’s pantry and bonus storage. At Eaglemont, the magnificent mountains and modern choices are only the beginning for making memories you were meant to enjoy. Discover how beautiful life can be in your new home in Monroe, WA at Eaglemont....
Dashwood at May Creek A Fresh, First-Class Feel

ommunity setting infuses a modern twist on an outdoor lover’s dream-come-true. Framed by fragrant woodlands and naturally protected wetlands, Dashwood at May Creek maximizes the intimacy of its peaceful surroundings. Year-round warmth from an outdoor neighborhood firepit and several all-season walking trails combine to define its sense of community. Three outdoor exercise stations dotting these trails inspire healthy lifestyles that homebuyers have come to identify with Newcastle’s luxurious vibe. At its hilltop peak: The Golf Club at Newcastle– a premier championship course with panoramic views of Mount Rainier, Lake Washington and beyond. Meanwhile, freshwater swimming, boating and colorful playground equipment are as close as Lake Boren Park and Newcastle Beach Park. Another quick drive away: 35 miles of hardy hiking trails throughout the 3,000-acre Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park. Peaceful and convenient, the spacious arrangement of Dashwood at May Creek is expected to appeal to buyers seeking homesites ready for larger MainVue home designs – including some three-level basement plans with Recreation Rooms that open out into full rear lawns for backyard games and parties. Crafted for work/life balance, spacious MainVue home designs available here feature urbane Home Offices separate from Multi-Purpose and Leisure rooms – flexible enough for both casual entertainment and school homework. It’s a perfect combination for homeowners with children who will attend top-rated Hazelwood Elementary, Risdon Middle, and Hazen High schools. Healthy lifestyles continue into the gorgeous Gourmet Kitchen flush with dazzling luxury inclusions. Stock up the Butler’s Pantry (and perhaps additional Grand Butler’s Pantry) with fresh seasonal favorites from nearby Newcastle Fruit & Produce Co. and B & E Meats and Seafood. The Landing in Renton, meanwhile, becomes your one-stop-shop for high-tech, home and sporting goods, clothing – and hot-spot restaurants. Whether it’s your first home or a step up toward finer living, it doesn’t matter where life has already taken you: it’s the allure of Newcastle’s Dashwood at May Creek that brings you home. ...

. Nestled against lush maintained open space in the community’s northwest corner, each of MainVue’s distinguished homes features its own backyard paradise not far from McCormick’s centerpiece golf course. Neighbors of all ages treasure park-like lakes, ponds and countless trails while walking with friends or learning to ride a bike here. Commuters can make it home in time from Tacoma or Bremerton to tee up in the afternoon – or leash up for play in any of 22 friendly dog zones. After leaving sometimes stressful troubles of the world behind, relax in the appeal of MainVue’s choices here – all just minutes from exceptional schools, healthcare choices, and the lively local arts scene. Beyond Port Orchard’s easy-going vibe, there’s convenient access to shopping in nearby suburban Silverdale via Highway 16, and fast ferry links to Seattle dining and entertainment. Olympic-caliber playgrounds offer fishing, crabbing, boating, hiking and more along the peninsula and into the Olympic National Park. Back in the comforts of home, MainVue’s flawless designs and modern touches perfectly balance sophistication and practicality. Leisure rooms add flexibility for family needs; open-flow great rooms invite entertaining; sanctuary-like master suites enhance relaxation. With the MainVue selection of homes for sale in Port Orchard at McCormick, respite doesn’t wait until you walk through the front door....
Hawthorne Crest Live Beautifully; Play Seriously

ng trails and two activity-filled Lake Washington beaches. But that’s not enough. At Hawthorne Crest, the spotlight also belongs to its very own open space and playground right at its naturally landscaped entrance. Hoop it up on the half-length basketball court and watch kids romp on the active play structure here. And that is just the start. Hawthorne Crest’s full range of home designs emphasize interior fun throughout, too. Multi-Purpose Rooms are primed for gaming and entertainment. Leisure Rooms await healthy indoor fitness, hobbies and kid zones. The Signature Outdoor Room found in every plan is an undeniable connection to countless casual and larger scale celebrations. Each extends from the voluminous Great Room, chic Dining Room and sophisticated Gourmet Kitchen. Find everything needed for treating guests – or just yourself – at the nearby Target or with trend-worthy and reliable take-out treats at The Landing in Renton. In a single day of Hawthorne Crest living, it’s possible to swim and splash at nearby Henry Moses Aquatic Center; pump up your pup’s social life at the four-acre Cedar River Dog Park; and finish off the day with a seasonal Kidd Valley Summer Concert at Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park. Urbane amenities – from professional sports to big-name concerts – are as close as 11 driving minutes to downtown Seattle. Expanded shopping and upscale dining are equally nearby in Bellevue. Quick flight connection needed? Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is 15 driving minutes from your Hawthorne Crest garage. Need fresh berries and veggies? Renton Farmers Market is open weekly summer evenings with free parking at its city center where friendly vendors know neighbors – and vice versa. If you choose a quick-and-easy driver-less commute to work, Renton Transit Center is conveniently nearby. Cars may never go out of style, though. That’s why Hawthorne Crest is located near Southeast Petrovitsky Road – a quick connection to interstates 405 and 5, via state highway 169 and 900 – with clear commutes to Bellevue, Seattle, Tacoma, Issaquah and all the best by-ways. For some, “play” evokes a delightful diversion. At Hawthorne Crest, it’s a full focus on fun found in living well. ...
Brennon Landing GAME ON!

rom The Landing in Renton and Lake Washington’s southern tip, Brennon Landing has an unbeatable location: minutes from high-energy urbane dining, shopping and entertainment balanced by a style of calm that comes from hiking any of the 35 miles of serene trails meandering through Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park. Within minutes of this park’s old-growth forests, streams and wetlands, Brennon Landing neighbors can be splashing in Lake Washington at 57-acre Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park – host to seasonal festivals, concerts and a sprawling all-abilities playground. Brennon Landing continues to score big with another 29 Renton parks and the scenic Cedar River Trail nearby – popular among bicyclists, active walkers and leashed dogs. Commuters, meanwhile, are at the top of their game with seven major freeway and highway connections to Bellevue, Issaquah and Seattle. Routes to The Boeing Co., REI and IKEA are as close as Interstates 405, 5 and 90. Even more convenient? Brennon Landing’s elementary and middle school students are less than a mile from their campuses. MainVue home designs available at Brennon Landing bring the heat with ambitious plans highlighting all-season spaces. On-trend gourmet Kitchens splurge with European style cabinetry and thick Quartz countertops. Voluminous Great Rooms and chic Dining Rooms expand even further into open-air Signature Outdoor Rooms via magnificent sliding window walls. Relaxing Grand Suites with flawless bath amenities prove that each and every room is a clean sweep of luxury, practicality and sheer fun. Without a doubt, MainVue Homes is re-writing the playbook for urbane suburban living. ...

2372 sq ft, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage
Gardenia V2

2685 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage

3111 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage

2837 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage

3119 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage
Birch Multi-Generation Design

3119 sq ft, 5 bedrooms, 2.75 bathrooms, 2 car garage

2727 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage

3687 sq ft, 5 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage
Sequoia Multi-Generation Design

3687 sq ft, 5 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage

3083 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage

4239 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage
Lotus Multi-Generation Design

4239 sq ft, 5 bedrooms, 5.25 bathrooms, 2 car garage
Lotus V2

3784 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage

4055 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage
Briar Multi-Generation Design

4055 sq ft, 5 bedrooms, 4.25 bathrooms, 2 car garage

3582 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage

3295 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage
Cypress Multi-Generation Design

3295 sq ft, 5 bedrooms, 2.75 bathrooms, 2 car garage

4028 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage
Indigo Multi-Generation Design

4028 sq ft, 5 bedrooms, 2.75 bathrooms, 2 car garage

3561 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage

3290 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage
Zinnia V2

3730 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage
Zinnia V2 Multi-Generation Design

3730 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage

3139 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage
Juniper Multi-Generation Design

3139 sq ft, 5 bedrooms, 3.25 bathrooms, 2 car garage

3832 sq ft, 5 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage

3781 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage
Dahlia Multi-Generation Design

3781 sq ft, 5 bedrooms, 3.25 bathrooms, 2 car garage

4097 sq ft, 5 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage

4417 sq ft, 5 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage
Azalea Multi-Generation Design

4417 sq ft, 5 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage

4109 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, 3 car garage
Ivy Multi-Generation Design

4109 sq ft, 5 bedrooms, 3.75 bathrooms, 3 car garage
Ivy Multi-Generation Design with Ensuite

4109 sq ft, 5 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, 3 car garage
Ivy V2

4396 sq ft, 5 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage
Ivy V2 Multi-Generation Design

4396 sq ft, 5 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage

2622 sq ft, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage

3519 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 3 car garage

2975 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage

3453 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage
Rosa Duet Multi-Generation Design

3677 sq ft, 5 bedrooms, 3.25 bathrooms, 2 car garage

4016 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage
Camellia V2

4031 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage

3810 sq ft, 5 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage

3633 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage

3873 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, 3 car garage

4481 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage

Sleeping children. Laughing dinner guests. High-fiving big-game viewers. Even life’s most satisfying moments are immensely more gratifying when framed by the infinite luxurious inclusions crafted into The Gardenia. There’s no need to cap guest lists here. When melded with multiple entertainment zones, hospitality features can turn an event as spontaneous as a small barbecue into a block party that neighbors will never forget. Pull the summer drink cooler from the bonus storage in the garage. Fill the cooler with ice from the Kitchen and arrange it on the Signature Outdoor Room’s foot-traffic-friendly composite decking. Place bowls - stored behind your Kitchen’s gorgeous European cabinets - onto your showcase supersized island, gleaming with thick 3cm Quartz. Visitors arriving at the modern columned porch façade are greeted by the brilliant sidelite window and a wide Foyer that reaches to the upstairs Leisure Room – but the real guest magnet begins the moment you open the Walk-In Pantry’s frosted glass door to add chips, salsa and snacks to your party mix to take to the Signature Outdoor Room. Here, take time to bask in the fun as it spills naturally into the rear yard, where native easy-care landscaping is a perfect backdrop. As guests spill back in, two floor-to-ceiling sliding glass walls open into the dynamic Dining Room and contemporary Great Room. It’s a design that makes hospitality feel effortless and savvy when wet weather months bring entertainment indoors. Mingle with guests gathering around The Gardenia’s focal-point; the 36” gas fireplace with Stainless Steel surround and your game-day big-screen. For holidays, every dish is delish at the sophisticated pivot-point Kitchen. Need entertainment spillover room or space for younger guests? Find it in the Leisure Room at the peak of the staircase. It’s open enough for preschoolers to burn off extra energy – and then drift into precious slumber while adults perform convenient check-ins from their main-level fun. Prefer a third Secondary Bedroom instead of the Leisure Room? Ask MainVue about modifying this space. All the best hosts know it’s important to spoil yourself occasionally, too. That’s where the Grand Suite’s urbane amenities await in the Grand Bathroom: brilliant Quartz-finished counters with Grohe fixtures and dual-sink vanity; designer free-standing tub; frameless walk-in shower, and expansive Dressing Room. If you prefer, MainVue can add a door to separate the Bath from the Bedroom. One by one – or in a groundswell – the myriad of joy-filled moments that shift from satisfying into sensational become a natural part of living in The Gardenia.

Equilibrium. Proportion. Harmony. When everyday life may feel out of sorts, The Orchid reveals its calming counterbalance of luxury. A custom wood and frosted glass entry door with a chic sidelite window. Sophisticated wide-plank, timber-look flooring rolling across the Foyer. Before even entering this home, you’re greeted by impeccable aesthetics. Long and lean, the Foyer crafts angles for homeowners who value visual protection for spaces deeper in the home. Turn a corner at the Multi-Purpose Room’s symmetry - space that can be shared by kids with crayons and parents with laptops. It’s equally flexible when left open or private when (optionally) enclosed. By the time the Great Room emerges from the corner-cut hallway, The Orchid showcases even more ways it can perform. Fall into furniture arranged around the room’s dynamic 36” Stainless Steel surround gas fireplace. Greet guests at the Kitchen’s supersized Quartz-topped centerpiece island with chilled beverages from stunning Stainless Steel appliances. Serve after-school snacks from the Walk-In Pantry’s crisp, white solid shelving. Nearby, the designer backsplash tile shines next to European frameless, soft-close cabinets while light pours through the window splashback. After-hours, an on-trend chandelier bathes the adjacent Dining Room in light, reflecting from full-height sliding window walls to the Signature Outdoor Room – a haven generously scaled to maximize fresh-air living. Upstairs, linger in the Leisure Room. Intentionally spacious, it can host home workout equipment, arts-and-crafting stations or an entertainment zone – all at the same time. This conduit to three Secondary is also an ideal buffer for the Grand Suite with two Dressing Rooms. The decadent free-standing soaking tub, frameless walk-in shower, and posh twin vessel-sink basins framed by thick Quartz counters and accented by Grohe designer faucets assure that the start to each day is poised for well-being. Scaled to perfection. Layered in luxury. It’s clear that The Orchid is the balance your life deserves.

When first discovering the luxury in The Iris, there is absolutely no need to rush. The lifestyle balance comes to you. Sophisticated style begins the very moment you approach this thoughtfully crafted home. Optimized open room designs bond with exceptional outdoor features for an extra kick. Feel this vibe each time your front yard of professionally-selected native plants welcomes you toward the dynamic dual-columned porch. This home journey continues through the modern wood and frosted glass front door. Its long Foyer provides a protective separation between the entry and primary living areas, including the enticing corner Signature Outdoor Room with composite decking. This patio party paradise doubles as a quiet nap zone when it’s needed most. When expanded via sliding window walls, this open space marries the side-by-side Great Room and view-to-the-outdoors Dining Room highlighted by a stunning chandelier. Views of the engaging Kitchen – ideal for hosting a fabulous brunch any time of year - are equally stunning. Light pours through unique window splashback toward the supersized island and in the separate walk-in Pantry. This main living entertainment zone can be expanded into the Multi-Purpose Room (with an option to enclose). Back in the Foyer, dark bronze staircase railing partners with familiar lines and angles before arriving in the versatile Leisure Room. For an option, turn this into a fourth Bedroom. Deeper on this level, the Grand Suite provides ultimate privacy behind its own entry door. Indulge in the expansive Dressing Room and muscle-relief deep-soak tub. A separate frameless shower with tile accents complements the Quartz-crowned vanity with stylish twin vessel-style sinks with Chrome hardware. Here, as throughout The Iris, you can take your time. Everything important comes to you.

With a spirit of renewal and the power of smart home design, fresh and engaging places pop throughout The Birch with a distinctive sense of daily revival. Bright vibes begin even before you wake up each morning in your luxurious Grand Suite. Subliminally, sense the awaiting comforts of your sumptuous Grand Bathroom while you enjoy your final snooze: warm water spraying over you in the frameless walk-in shower; personal care items arranged atop your stunning Quartz-crowned vanity with twin vessel sinks; designer tile beneath your feet, accenting the porcelain flooring and free-standing tub. Dual Dressing Rooms assure optimal wardrobe arrangements. Each of three Secondary Bedrooms, meanwhile, features its own Walk-In Closet. All are intentionally arranged off the Leisure Room and hallway with a half-wall looking out to the bright Great Room beckoning below. Need an additional bedroom? MainVue can modify the Leisure Room for this. There’s always more space for casual entertainment in the main level’s Multi-Purpose Room,with the option to enclose. With its plush stain-resistant carpeting, imagine this multi-faceted hangout hosting a teen homework hub or rough-and-tumble playgroup. Across the hallway’s wide-plank, timber-look flooring, meanwhile, fall in love with a dedicated Study Nook – an uncommonly appealing niche for paying bills, planning your next vacation or filling the house with piano music. Display your collection of art, books and family photographs here before the hallway turns into the unrivaled Kitchen with its light-kissed supersized island with glimmering Quartz counters, dazzling tile and unique window splashback. Hidden and handy, the Grand Butler’s Pantry has its own window splashback – plus a full-proof place for stocking groceries. Whip up breakfast to enjoy in the sophisticated Dining Room or, via the sliding walls of full-height glass, in the fresh air of the Signature Outdoor Room. The visual seamlessness is underscored with the lofty Great Room’s buoyant two-story ceiling, reinforcing the affirming vibe. Rest. Revive. Repeat. It’s your renaissance spirit living in The Birch.

Why leave it to the imagination? In The Abelia, let reality take hold from the very beginning and prove that this visionary design is undeniably meant for you. For many, it begins with an uncommon MainVue twist on a top feature: the open concept Home Office. Unlike other designs where this invaluable room is arranged off the Foyer and separate from the primary living space, here it’s set opposite the gourmet Kitchen space, creating an entirely new personality. Invite MainVue to fully enclose it or keep it open for the visual sweep toward the Kitchen’s elegant Quartz-capped supersized service island, modern designer tile splashback and dashing window beyond. Windows and doors blend artistry and functionality in other dreamy ways nearby, as well. Sidelight windows in the winsome Foyer distinguish the wood and frosted glass entry door and introduce the home’s wide-plank timber-look flooring. An oversized window in the urbane Dining Room reflects its luxurious chandelier, while the Great Room’s grand twin windows seem to double the warmth of its 36” fireplace. Natural light further transcends expectations via two sliding walls of glass framing the attractive Signature Outdoor Room – ready year-round for daydreaming or full-blown napping. Even the highly organized walk-in Pantry offers a dashing window splashback. Abundant space continues upstairs direct from the foyer into the open-flow Leisure Room. One minute, it’s a slippers-and-pajamas snuggle-spot for late-night movies; the next, it’s an active toys and games zone for kids or adults. It reserves three secondary Bedrooms for quiet when it’s time to drift off to sleep. One bedroom is thoughtfully located near the Grand Suite entrance. A nursery, perhaps? Sleep in the Grand Suite at the rear of this level, meanwhile, is especially luxurious. This suite becomes your exclusive pass to pampering. Select your robe from the Dressing Room before making your way into the Grand Bathroom sanctuary: the soothing sound of water filling your designer free-standing tub; the allure of its large porcelain tile flooring leading to the frameless walk-in shower, and the dazzle of Quartz counters enveloping the two vessel sinks on the broad vanity. Vividly drawn. Sophisticatedly styled. From MainVue’s imagination to you, The Abelia invites you to have it all.

Both statuesque and modern. To meet immediate practical needs and balances quality craftsmanship with long-range style, the three-level Sequoia stands ready – accurately attuned to families who need room to grow. Young couples or first-time homebuyers should not hold back on entertaining here. The Sequoia takes root at the entry door and spacious Foyer with its unique closet securing guests’ coats. Moments later, ceiling volume soars as the Foyer passes the semi-enclosed Multi-Purpose Room right before emerging into the gourmet Kitchen. Plush noise-dampening, stain-resistant carpeting means the Multi-Purpose Room is ready for generations of guests – from active toddlers to equally active teens. Need it even quieter? MainVue Homes can enclose this. It means adults can be safely nearby, where the side-by-side Great Room engages with the Kitchen. For hot-in-the-box pizzas or potluck extravaganzas, the Kitchen’s Quartz-crowned supersized island is an all-ages attraction open to include indoor seating in the contemporary Dining Room and the enticing Signature Outdoor Room. Stainless Steel KitchenAid appliances ensure years’ worth of Kitchen practicality – but tuck small appliances away from dazzling surfaces and tile splashbacks to fit behind classic European cabinets – or store them in the neat-and-organized Walk-In Pantry. This design also provides ultimate privacy for the upper level’s Grand Suite. Three Secondary Bedrooms sit side-by-side off the Leisure Room’s hallway – but it’s the Grand Suite’s sleep quarters entry that defines sanctuary. Robe up in the Dressing Room before indulging in a luxuriously large stand-alone soaking tub or frameless walk-in shower. Designer tile and exquisite Grohe fixtures are found throughout – including those on the dual-basin vanity with stylish vessel sinks, European frameless styled cabinets and 3cm Quartz counters. As families expand, The Sequoia’s lower level becomes the never-forgotten gem here. Full Guest Room with bath access for visiting grandparents? Or overnight nanny? Or young adults on short stints home? It’s intentionally included. Versatile Recreation Room for building blocks? Or teen movie nights? Or guys’ post-game celebrations? Covered, too. So is the sliding glass wall opening to the Covered Patio, multiplying entertainment (and respite) possibilities many times over. Where will you be in a decade? Only you can know. But when needed, The Sequoia will be rooted, right here for you.

La dolce vita in every sense of the word, The Palmetto is more than a “good life” mindset. With fresh outdoor living arrangements and almost magical lighting features, this three-level design fuels well-being in ways move beyond warming your spirit. Imagine guests mingling in your alluring Signature Outdoor Room, where firing up a crowd-pleasing grill for weekend barbecues boosts the sizzle factor here exponentially. After roasting dinner, everything tastes even better when served at your Kitchen’s sophisticated supersized island. Vibrant Quartz countertops complement rich-finish European inspired cabinets and ricochet light off bright Stainless Steel KitchenAid appliances. The frosted glass door of the walk-in Pantry has a luminescent effect, as well. Dynamic chandelier lighting casts an upscale vibe over the nearby Dining Room, while calming shadows flicker from the Great Room’s seductive Lennox fireplace. Once night falls, curl up with a good book and cup of tea in any of the cozy places ready to induce relaxation. Captivating reflections from this grand, shared living area bounce off floor-to-ceiling sliding glass walls framing the Signature Outdoor Room, maximizing the soothing glow. For gatherings on the lower level, consider the appeal of adding an on-trend fire table to the Covered Patio. A sliding glass wall in the basement Recreation Room opens to the Patio – a perfect spot for hosting winter snow-day cocoa service or summer sunset cocktail parties. Inside, the Recreation Room is sized generously for large table games, sectional furniture and an entertainment center. As a bonus, the basement also features an inviting Guest Room and smart under-the-staircase storage. On the upper level, meanwhile, picture romantic candles flickering atop the Quartz vanity counters as you soak in the luxurious free-standing tub with stylish Grohe faucets. The fully appointed Grand Bathroom boasts a frameless walk-in shower, spacious Dressing Room and two oversized modern vessel sinks capped by elegant lighting. Two Secondary Bedrooms, meanwhile, spin off from the popular Leisure Room – the home’s go-to hub for crafts, games or indoor make-believe campouts under tented blankets with flashlights. Need an extra Bedroom? Turn your Leisure Room into a 5th optional Bedroom. With engaging and relaxing light inside and out, The Palmetto doesn’t truly generate its own power-source of energy. This radiant design just feels that way.

From curbside to Kitchen – and places you’ve never before imagined - The Lotus is a take-no-shortcuts design. Instead, it always lives up. With a design considered one of the largest in MainVue’s innovative collection, The Lotus makes what was intentional appear spontaneous. Best of all: this spacious home goes out of its way to infuse sophisticated styling into thoughtfully engineered layouts. Work from your main level Home Office off the fashionable Foyer and later relax in the nearby Multi-Purpose Room – or merge these into a welcoming Guest Suite. For a slightly different scale, the flexible Multi-Purpose Room can be crafted into a Guest Room while retaining the Home Office. Overnight hospitality is second nature here. Two of three Secondary Bedrooms upstairs are already ensuites, featuring their own Private Bathrooms and generous Walk-In Closets; the third, with its own Walk-In Closet, is equally spacious and shares a Bath with the corner-set Leisure Room. Grand Suite hallway staging introduces classic French doors, revealing the sleeping quarters, with dual Dressing Rooms dovetailing off the side. They’re separate from the resort-like Grand Bathroom amenities: an extra-large double-sink vanity crowned by resplendent Quartz; sparkling glass-enclosed shower; and sleek vanity lighting. Why not double down on the bubbles in the free-standing soaking tub? Towels and sheets arrive fresh from the convenient Utility Room behind the staircase. For those most wonderful times of the year, it’s exceptionally fortunate – and intentional - that the main level’s Dining Room is framed by three magnificently oversized windows, reflecting chandelier lights and guests inspiring this space. Segue to the Great Room’s focal-point stainless steel-framed 36” fireplace or the prospect of your own Signature Outdoor Room firepit. Whether it’s a casual charcuterie board or elaborate holiday feast, the Kitchen’s supersized island stands ready. The well-stocked Grand Butler’s Pantry shares the same thick 3cm Quartz countertop and unique window splashback, shimmer so extravagant weekend brunch and last-minute after-parties appear equally natural. Discreet storage for the expected (and unexpected) is tucked under the hallway staircase and within designated bonus garage storage. For leisure. For entertainment. For lounging. For hospitality. Calling The Lotus home is the bonus style that means you’re ready for anything. Anytime.

Homemade heaven. Convenient carry-out. Freezer faves. No matter the demands asked of your gourmet Kitchen, the culinary success story in The Briar earns a five-star rating. Discover how this and every other space in this home shifts into best-drive on a moment’s notice. In your chefs’ Kitchen whip up elaborate family recipes using energy-efficient Stainless Steel KitchenAid appliances, accented by gorgeous European style cabinets and stunning Quartz-crowned counters. And equally accurate: on busy days, the walk-through Grand Butler’s Pantry is a direct link to quick take-out arriving home through your garage. The bonus walk-in Grand Butler’s Pantry nearby, ensures there is always organized shelving for go-to ingredients, too. From semi-formal to super-casual, The Briar has a modern myriad of places to dine. Holiday dinners take centerstage under the Dining Room’s dazzling chandelier. Weekend brunch sprawls across the Kitchen’s Quartz-finished supersized island. Glide across magnificent timber-look, wide-plank flooring to the open-flow Great Room, backlit by enormous windows, for popcorn-and-a-ballgame afternoons. Spectacular ceiling-height sliding walls of glass, meanwhile, open to the popular Signature Outdoor Room. There is more than enough space here to grill for guests year-round. Down the hallway, toward the Foyer, textured stain-resistant carpet in the semi-enclosed Multi-Purpose Room becomes a hotspot for after-school snacks and homework. Fully enclose this room and nearby Home Office if you choose – or ask MainVue to merge both into a single Guest Suite. Upstairs, one of three Secondary Bedrooms is already an en suite for family, nanny or overnight guests. The adjacent Leisure Room, meanwhile, buffers these bedrooms from the entire rear of The Briar. This is reserved for the Grand Suite – a wealth of space set behind striking French doors. Off one side of the sleeping quarters: a spacious Dressing Room. Off the other: a contemporary Bath Suite with two Quartz-capped vanities, each with its own gorgeous vessel sink. It is ideal for couples who like to spread out personal care products. The vanities bookend the stand-alone soaking tub across the stunning porcelain tile flooring from the frameless walk-in shower. For discerning tastes drawn to luxurious lifestyles, The Briar proves that touches like these are always a cut above.

Watch modern creativity meet inspired opportunity. It always elicits extra looks. In The Fuchsia, this marriage is far more than eye candy. Design depth and better-than-open-floor-plan styling culminate in features that are more than eye-popping. They’re grounded in luxurious practicality. Yes, the fashionable entry Foyer soars two beautiful stories – but it’s impossible to resist the view down via the half-wall from the upstairs Leisure Room. This spot revels in MainVue’s only-one-of-its-kind Study – an open-to-above space which tandems with the Foyer for the same magnificent effect. As a result, balancing work-from-home and school homework projects has never been easier. Eyes can’t help but follow the brushed-grain finish of the main level’s timber-look flooring past the Multi-Purpose Room. Though semi-enclosed, you may choose to turn this flexible space into a Guest Room or enclose it for a kids play or entertainment zone. Either way, it transitions into unforgettable flowability in the sophisticated Great Room. Line-of-sight melds seamlessly here with the chic Dining Room and gourmet Kitchen to frame their nexus: the Signature Outdoor Room. Floor-to-ceiling window walls slide open to this enchanting all-season enclave. Watch guests envy your Kitchen’s gleaming Quartz-capped supersized island. And the clean composite decking outside. And the sparkle of the Dining Room chandelier along with the Great Room’s alluring 36” fireplace with a winsome entertainment wall. What guests may not see: exceptional shelving in the Walk-in Pantry and discreet Grand Butler’s Pantry – a walk-through to the garage with storage nook. Both play a more supporting role to the Kitchen’s showier KitchenAid Stainless Steel appliances and European style, soft-close cabinets. For guest-free intimacy, three Secondary Bedrooms near the peak of the staircase buffer the Leisure Room from the Grand Suite’s classic double-door entrance. Soak in the Grand Bathroom’s luxurious stand-alone tub. Rinse in the frameless walk-in shower under chrome Grohe hardware. Select your wardrobe from either of two spacious Dressing Rooms. Stylize for nightlife or prep for daywear at the Quartz-crowned vanity with two oversized vessel sinks. Keeping your eyes on the prize? No matter how you look at The Fuchsia, the winner is you.

Calm. Cool. Collected. The Cypress uses intentional design and refined styling to present a setting evoking a gentler side of living – one crafted to keep stress at bay. Soften your mood as you approach the artful columns punctuating the contemporary façade. Through its custom-designed wood and frosted glass panel entry door, let the semi-enclosed, with option to fully enclose, Home Office model your life. Need an extra live-in space? Modify the Home Office into a Guest Suite with Bath or Guest Room to provide that perfect live-in option. Upstairs, two of three Secondary Bedrooms offer ample Walk-In Closets. The third is spacious enough for two twin beds – and right around the corner from the Grand Suite, creating an ideal arrangement for soothing sleepless children. A baby nursery, perhaps? When paired with the oversized Dressing Room and Grand Bathroom, meanwhile, the luxurious Grand Suite is all about the essence of adult-time “aaaah.” Like a gift to yourself, close each day by stepping across the large, porcelain tile flooring into the sophisticated frameless walk-in shower or ease effortless into the warmth of the designer free-standing soaking tub. Across from the upstairs Leisure Room, serene hours begin again each morning after descending the Great Room-access staircase. Drawn to perfection with the rest of the main level’s open-flow living area, the gourmet Kitchen whispers an invitation: pour a single cup of coffee just waiting to be sipped from the stillness of the Signature Outdoor Room – a priceless all-season respite for any time of day. Once the rest of the world awakens, find handy breakfast ingredients in the Butler’s Pantry. It doubles as a clever walk-through to the garage. Even simple meals like cold cereal or easy-prep dinners feel on-trend when seated in the Dining Room, where its on-trend chandelier elevates the contemporary vibe. Its partners-in-style: the Kitchen’s European-frameless cabinetry, tile backsplash accented by a unique window, stunning KitchenAid stainless appliances and thick Quartz countertops. Resolved to offer relaxation, The Cypress places peace and tranquility right within your reach.

Rocker? Loveseat? Sectional? Reserving your best seat in the house is always easier in The Indigo. That’s because open-air living is twice as fresh here with both the main-level Signature Outdoor Room and the spacious covered basement patio. With its modern design, settings segue seamlessly between indoor and outdoor spaces, maximizing all its best features. Lounge longer in the luxurious Grand Suite on your day off before pampering yourself with the Grand Bathroom’s frameless walk-in shower with Chrome Grohe designer fixtures, Quartz-capped dual-sink vanity and nearby Dressing Room. The designer stand-alone soaking tub is always waiting later. This space can be enclosed upon your request. Downstairs, morning coffee brews in the sophisticated gourmet Kitchen, where dynamic color schemes highlight the rich European inspired cabinets and unique window splashback. Slide open the full-height window walls beyond the chic Dining Room onto the Signature Outdoor Room to immerse yourself in quiet. Hours later this expanse may be energized with guests who mingle into the adjacent Great Room. Pour drinks at the oversized Quartz-surfaced service island while feast preparation occurs in the Butler’s Pantry with identically elegant counterspace. Zip in and out its convenient access to the garage here, too. It’s all separate from the semi-enclosed Home Office off the Foyer. Like several other rooms in The Indigo, it can be modified. Consider making this a Guest Room with Bath or simply enclosing it for added privacy. Volume in the Great Room, meanwhile, is crafted even grander with the custom-designed open-railing staircase – an ascent that emerges across from the Leisure Room upstairs. Nearby, two of three Secondary Bedrooms here offer Walk-In Closets for kids with active wardrobe needs. Channel kid (and adult) activity into the basement’s oversized Recreation Room, large enough for a Ping-Pong or Foosball table with space to spare. It spills out to the native-landscaped rear yard for gardeners and backyard play. Under-stairs storage for seasonal toys and outdoor equipment comes in handy here. When the great outdoors (and indoors) is even better than merely great, it’s clear you’ve found your home in The Indigo.

There’s no possible price-tag for togetherness. And the luxury of privacy? That’s invaluable, too. When combined, coveted places for solitude and equally welcomed open spaces for friends-and-family connections strike a perfect balance in The Verbena. Intentionally, it’s more than just knowing you can enclose the Home Office, already framed by the front trend-forward Porch. It also means you may consider enclosing the always flexible Multi-Purpose Room with its plush shoes-off carpeting, when it diverts from the fashionable Foyer. This four-bedroom design is ready for any way you need it to be – and then some. Start by pampering yourself in the Grand Suite. It fills the entire rear width of The Verbena. That means if you sneak upstairs for a weekend nap, no one will bother you. Post-snooze, the designer free-standing tub and frameless, tiled walk-in shower in the Grand Bathroom are a powerful combination. And if this wasn’t enough pampering, natural light promises to flow into the windowed, oversized Dressing Room. At the front of this second level: three Secondary Bedrooms, each with Walk-In Closets. All share a large Hallway Bath near the handy Utility Room and spacious Linen Closet. Just around the corner: a Leisure Room – the go-to spot for your cycling device, remote Zoom or Teams connections, or safe kid sleepovers. Downstairs, when flames flicker from the 36” gas fireplace, the choice is yours: sink by yourself into your favorite Great Room furniture or play host in this ultra-open setting. This dynamic centerpiece ties into a chic Dining Room, Signature Outdoor Room, and an incredibly versatile Kitchen. Follow the Kitchen’s Quartz-capped countertops, backlit by a dynamic window backsplash, to a secluded Butler’s Pantry with an additional Walk-In Pantry. They share homeowner-exclusive access to the Garage, with enamel floor finish, for convenient shop-and-drops. Togetherness. Privacy. A blend of both. With The Verbena, it’s a perfect package. Who knew it could look and feel this luxurious?

For the countless reasons a sweeping Grand Suite on the main level fits your specific needs, The Zinnia delivers an unparalleled arrangement. This top-of-its-class design is at its’ best when revealing surprises that soar and expand with flawless details. Intuitively, the main floor, far corner-set Grand Suite is arranged beyond a privacy-maximizing vestibule opening into the sleeping quarters. It’s the entrée to the Grand Bathroom where thick Quartz shimmers on the broad dual-sink vanity under sleek designer lighting. Even without an excuse for a soothing soak, plunge into the decadent stand-alone tub or let the Grohe fixtures immerse you in the spray of the frameless glass shower. Store fluffy fresh towels in the on-trend cabinets or put extras in your generous Dressing Room. Upstairs, all three Secondary Bedrooms host their own Walk-In Closets. They also access an ingenious dual-entry Bathroom. The nearby Leisure Room fills an entire quadrant of this level and can be enclosed to enhance privacy or an extra Bedroom. For a double-pop of wow, the upstairs hallway opens to main-level Foyer at one end and to the magnificent Great Room at the other via half-wall staircase. Luxury living space here hums throughout. The gourmet Kitchen – an upscale synthesis of KitchenAid appliances and designer tile backsplash – is a modern fusion with the sophisticated Dining and Great Rooms. Sharing the spotlights: a warm 36” fireplace, Quartz-crowned supersized service island, and the corner-set Signature Outdoor Room. Each flow together, creating expansive space as brilliant as the natural light streaming through its floor-to-ceiling sliding glass walls. Far more discreet: the walk-through Butler’s Pantry with ample cabinet storage off the Kitchen, with owner access to the garage. At the front of the home, meanwhile, the two-story Foyer features chic wide-plank, timber-look flooring that leads to the adjacent Multi-Purpose Room – open or enclosed at your discretion. Call it a kids play zone, teen game room, family viewing studio, or semi-formal reception space: the potential is undeniable. Without a doubt, your household is one-of-a-kind. With features found throughout The Zinnia, you can find the sweet, or suite, life you deserve.

Make a big splash or play it easy-going. For any mood of the moment, The Juniper is ready. Do your instincts call out party time? Throw sizzle and spice on the grill for weekend guests. Does your heart whisper something about snuggling under the stars? Take the hint. Both lead to the Signature Outdoor Room – the exterior soul of The Juniper. Two sets of sliding window walls connect this corner space to a sophisticated Great Room and the Dining Room, illuminated by its work-of-art chandelier. All three rooms expand into a modern Kitchen with KitchenAid stainless steel appliances and European frameless cabinets. Entertaining set-up looks stress-free thanks to the Butler’s Pantry, a discreet alcove with plenty of counter space and an artful window splashback. Your inside secret: this walk-through passage links to the garage with bonus storage for added convenience. When life demands business, retreat to the professional privacy of the Home Office arranged off The Juniper’s Foyer. It’s next to the Multi-Purpose Room which ensures enough flexibility for party guests overflowing from the Great Room or whole-family full-pajama-mode weekends. Want even more versatility? Enclose these spaces – or blend them into a single overnight Guest Suite. There are always more ways to spread out upstairs, too. Discover spaces scaled to children in three Secondary Bedrooms fanning out from the Leisure Room. Unfussy by design, the Leisure Room lives like you do with space for heart-pounding exercise, homework in progress and partially-folded laundry. Completely separate? The relaxed Grand Suite’s respite, filling the entire rear of the upper level. Flip from carpool duty to happy hour in either of two Dressing Rooms. Melt away workday stress in the free-standing designer tub or tile-accented semi-frameless walk-in shower. Re-set under the sleek polished-nickel finish lighting above your dual-sink settings at the Quartz-capped vanity. In The Juniper, no day goes by without responding to your ever-shifting moments in practicality – and luxury.

Math doesn’t do magic on its own. For equations resulting in luxuriously practical living, this requires adding dynamic dimension and multiplying style exponentially to create the divine three-story design of The Spirea. Families need countless spaces strategically scaled to them. This plan anticipates that. The upstairs Grand Suite unveils two spacious Dressing Rooms; a decadent free-standing designer tub for soaking up the weekend; a broad double-sink vanity; and exquisite tile detailing flooding into the walk-in shower with Chrome Grohe hardware. Chose to enclose this Grand Bathroom luxury behind a wood panel door. Far away on this upper level: three Secondary Bedrooms, distanced from the Grand Suite, and designed around a centralized Leisure Room. With an option to turn this space into a sixth bedroom, it’s exactly why the main level Multi-Purpose Room and the even larger basement Recreation Room are so valuable. Dedicate these as homework hubs, kid play spaces, gaming or work-out hotspots. In fact, the Rec Room opens out to a Covered Patio, crafting even more space. Nearby, the basement’s fifth Bedroom (a Guest Room) and Bathroom are intuitively ready for overnight guests, teens or young adults who need more privacy. One floor up, factor the expanse of the sophisticated Great Room, Dining Room and Kitchen into the Signature Outdoor Room. It turns this open arrangement into the original square root of entertaining. Fire up the outdoor grill or maximize the interior Stainless Steel appliances and gleaming Quartz-capped supersized island. Clutter disappears. It’s replaced by functional style in the walk-through Butler’s Pantry. Stunning window splashback, counter space here discreetly bridge the Kitchen with the garage, boasting a bonus walk-in storage space. Guests, meanwhile, enter via the elegant front Foyer. It’s where business guests may immediately segue into the Home Office for professional privacy, and the after-school crowd can kick off their shoes for snacks and screen-time in the nearby Multi-Purpose Room, away from the open-flow Great Room. With The Spirea, innovative spaces are multiplied.

No matter how it’s sliced, spliced or fused, The Dahlia is meticulously crafted together in a dream-like fashion just for you. For some, it starts by choosing to enclose an especially generous Home Office and separate Multi-Purpose Room off the fashionable Foyer. For others, it’s opting to blend these spaces and shift the original Powder Room into a complete three-quarter Bath. This result: a welcoming Guest Suite – and smart move for scheduled family stays or spontaneous overnighting friends. Once everyone finds their way to the chic Kitchen, they’ll discover thick Quartz crowning the elegant island and the open service-ready Grand Butler’s Pantry - just steps from a storage-smart Walk-In Pantry behind a closed door. Light flows as naturally as guests through floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors, connecting the sophisticated Signature Outdoor Room with the modern interior Great Room. Volume levitates above the two-story Great Room toward the upstairs Leisure Room, crafted with a half-wall open to below. You can almost picture kindergarten (and high school) graduation celebratory toasts from here. For less formality, this bare-feet-and-slippers zone is flexible enough for yoga and purposeful enough for homework. After hours? Cozy TV binge-watching, of course. Branch off the Leisure Room into a clever vestibule-like hallway, unbraiding into three Secondary Bedrooms, each with its own Walk-In Closet. Arranged for privacy, the Grand Suite is in a class all its own. In addition to its generous sized Dressing Room, Grand Bathroom luxury is evident by a dual vessel-sink vanity, fashionable frameless walk-in shower, sleek polished nickel-finish lighting and a free-standing soaking tub with hand sprayer. Each sliver and slice in the Dahlia is brilliant on its own. Woven together, they craft unrivaled dream-like appeal.

The Jasmine is designed for the escape artist in you. With countless niches and sprawling places to retreat for interior sanctuary or outdoor fresh air, this three-level plan is flush with selections designed around your preferences for personal privacy. Thoughtfully crafted with up to six bedrooms – including three spacious upstairs Secondary Bedrooms with their own Walk-in Closets – The Jasmine redefines the places to hang your “do-not-disturb” sign. For some, it’s at the ultra-luxurious Grand Suite with its large porcelain Bath floor tiles, designer free-standing soaking tub and gleaming Quartz-crowned dual-sink vanity. Others will want to cozy up with a book and a quilt in the nearby Leisure Room. If you choose, enclose this space to create yet another upstairs Bedroom. Prefer to retire to the professional quiet of the Home Office? It’s strategically set off the main level Foyer. Simultaneously, the mid-hallway’s Multi-Purpose Room can be doubling as flexible workspace No. 2 or hosting best-seats-in-the-house for TV time. Both are separate from the boundless volume of the Great Room. Visually, it sweeps to the Signature Outdoor Room, a wide oasis waiting for loungers and morning coffee. Inside, this also embraces the sophisticated Dining Room and nearby gourmet Kitchen – an expanse that pulls out all the stops with KitchenAid stainless appliances; elegant European frameless cabinetry; unique window splashback and and thick 3cm Quartz countertops. Nearby: a stylish-and-discreet Butler’s Pantry – which doubles as exclusive access to the garage for quick escapes to household errands. Ready with even greater flexible variety, the Recreation Room is ensconced in the Basement with sliding doors to the covered patio, so it’s possible to host separate upstairs/downstairs get-togethers at the same time. When paired with this level’s Guest Bedroom, Walk-In Closet, Bathroom and savvy understairs storage, there’s an almost suite-like feel here. Roam each level and varied spaces in this home and you will see: The Jasmine strikes a perfect balance between luxurious retreats and hiding in plain sophisticated sight.

Like fuel to flame, modern creativity sparks instantly with inspired opportunity to light up three brilliant levels in The Azalea. Designs rarely get more vivid than naturally illuminated features here. Oversized windows frame the ground-level Patio. Sensational sets of sliding glass doors outline the main level Signature Outdoor Room. Invitation-only window walls divide the Grand Suite from the bath on the third-level Grand Suite Deck. This is all before light finds its way into the sophisticated Foyer through its custom glass-panel entry door - or basks its shining Quartz-capped counters in the Grand Butler’s Pantry through an artful window splashback. Just try taking your eyes off the modern chandelier dazzling in the Dining Room while flush-mount, energy-efficient LED lighting plays mood-setter for the Kitchen. Recessed can lights dim romantically in the centerpiece Signature Outdoor Room for open-air cocktail parties. The Great Room fireplace glows with an ambiance all its own. Equally thoughtful lighting bathes interior spaces when and where it’s needed most: professionalism feels more polished in the Home Office off the Foyer while teens can pull off all-nighters in the semi-enclosed Multi-Purpose Room. For family-time privacy, the top-of-the-staircase Leisure Room is perfect for sweats-and-pajama moments. Sip coffee. Practice yoga poses. Host a kids’ toy zone. Three Secondary Bedrooms define the front of this plush carpeted level; a hallway to the Grand Suite’s double-door entrance creates a separate wing. Wrap up in a cozy robe from either of the dual Dressing Rooms before soaking in the luxurious tub, then melt into a chaise on your exclusive Grand Suite Deck. Two floors below, flip the basement vibe switch for higher energy in the ever-ready Recreation Room. It’s spacious enough for a gaming table or wall-set entertainment display, and frames one side of the ground-level patio wall. The Guest Bedroom on this level, meanwhile, bookends the other side. No matter the room, The Azalea seems to have a way of turning up the spotlight in any of its luxurious spaces.

Re-charge your lifestyle with The Ivy – an ultra-volume design offering so much quantum space and intelligent alternatives that this home almost powers itself on modern flexibility. Generate sophisticated entertainment energy across the entire rear of the main level, where the Kitchen, Great Room, Dining Room and semi-enclosed Multi-Purpose Room frame the dynamic Signature Outdoor Room, where two sets of magnificent full-height sliding glass walls slide open to further maximize space. While the Signature Outdoor Room opens outward to the landscaped rear yard, the double-story ceiling soars upward over the Great Room and Dining Room adding even greater dimension to its contemporary dynamics. From the Kitchen, further fuel your hospitality from the Quartz-capped service island and counters, complementing the attractive European style cabinets. It’s easy to whip up on-the-spot dinners just steps from the Grand Butler’s Pantry with discreet access to a savvy Walk-In super-stock-and-storage Pantry and a hidden door to the three-bay garage. Even with all this space, The Ivy prioritizes personalization. Consider asking MainVue to tailor the Guest Room with two variations. Expand the Powder Room into a three-quarter Bath. Enclose your separate Home Office for greater work privacy. Alternate Kitchen layouts are available to best suit your needs, too. Upstairs, the vibe is set to rest. At the staircase summit, look down into the Great Room, or from the front-facing Leisure Room, onto the fashionable Foyer below – but leave the get-up-and-go behind. One of three Secondary Bedrooms here is an en suite; all boast their own Walk-In Closets. Spoiled like this, no one complains about doing laundry because the Utility Room is nearby. It’s convenient, as well, for the exclusive upstairs hallway leading toward the Grand Suite – flush with a generous Dressing Room and rich in bath amenities, including stylish Grohe faucets, chic vessel sinks and a decadent free-standing soaking tub. Dynamic. Sophisticated. Modern. And all with no batteries needed because The Ivy clearly finds its power boosters from its own luxurious energy.

With The Clover, old rules are out. As volume swells with soaring ceilings, rooms expand with ultimate flexibility and modern style redefines luxury, this design completely changes the approach for dynamic rambler design. It’s not just the bold use of ceilings that infuse a branded sense of grandeur to single-level living here. It’s also the carefully calculated layout of space. Just off the Foyer, two rooms diverge from a Vestibule. Use them as Secondary Bedrooms with the shared bath in between – or ask MainVue Homes how it can be furnished as a Home Office, enclosed into a Multi-Purpose Room or both. Back in the main hallway, impressive timber-look flooring delves deeper into The Clover’s defining moment: the threshold into the spectacularly open-flowing living space. Admire the elevated and refined ceilings in the Great Room and dynamic Dining Room. Ballast-like angles span to the gourmet Kitchen while anchor-like window walls slide open to the year-round Signature Outdoor Room. Guests can’t resist mingling on its composite decking just steps from the rear yard’s artful landscaping. For evening gatherings, choose the subtle recessed can lights - or dim these fixtures to take in night sky beauty. Equally brilliant: Quartz, sparkling on Kitchen countertops, the supersized island and savvy food-prep surfaces in the Grand Butler’s Pantry. Elegant European cabinets in both spaces assure enough storage for large party-ready service wear. Find even more storage through the Laundry/Utility Room - a savvy walk-through between the Foyer and the garage with bonus storage for oversized toys, seasonal décor and more. At the far rear corner, the all-inclusive Grand Suite prioritizes personal pampering with extra-height ceilings in the sleeping quarters and an impressive Dressing Room set behind French doors. The Bath Suite’s exquisite porcelain tile flooring surrounds the designer free-standing tub, frameless walk-in shower and Quartz-capped dual-sink vanity. By redefining the rules for luxurious rambler living, infusing volume and flexibility, and incorporating all its modern essentials, The Clover instantly becomes a game changer.

Slumber. Holiday. Graduation. Birthday. The Magnolia never met a party it didn’t make even better. With versatile entertainment zones spread throughout this design, discover countless ways to bring friends and family together – or even have multiple gatherings happening at once. By off-setting flexible main-level spaces, holiday dinners can accommodate larger-than-most guest lists. Consider setting up the ever-practical “kids table” in the Multi-Purpose Room with its plush, stain-resistant carpet; the dynamic Dining Room next door is stylized for adults. The all-season Signature Outdoor Room - which opens the Great Room and Dining Room to even more entertainment options via grand sliding glass walls - doubles as a stage to the rear lawn. Fully landscaped with native plants, it’s waiting for raucous yard games and after-game celebrations. The stylish Kitchen, meanwhile, connects with all four of these rooms – plus the L-shaped Grand Butler’s Pantry, boasting the same dazzling Quartz as the Kitchen’s supersized island and countertops. It’s the kind of out-of-sight nook where guests pop in to help with party preparation and then stay for lively conversation. Longer professional meetings are best suited down the hallway’s gorgeous timber-look flooring toward the classic Home Office. Leave this open to two-story Foyer or enclose it for maximum privacy. Either way, it easily doubles as a relaxed after-hours hangout with co-workers. Up the staircase, the voluminous Foyer is partially open from the Leisure Room, creating yet another potential party place – or the much-needed quiet for a workout station. Beyond three Secondary Bedrooms, the Grand Suite’s bedroom separates the extra-sized Dressing Room from the oh-so-luxurious Grand Bathroom. Choosing between the soothing stand-alone soaking tub and the elegant frameless walk-in shower – both accented by designer-selected tile and vanity lighting – may be the toughest decision you have to make before guests arrive. Even the garage - with room for up to three vehicles or your choice of motorsports or outdoor toys – is ready for entertaining. Parties don’t host themself – but living in The Magnolia almost makes it feel like they do.

Bring on blustery weather: the Nolina is your luxurious shelter in a storm. It showcases your extra-wide Great Room with its eye-popping 36” gas fireplace – then bookends this centerpiece on both sides with oversized, efficiently-engineered expansive windows. The forecast: full-proof prediction for year-round comfort. Wrap up in a favorite throw blanket or cozy quilt while lounging around the fireplace during wet winter months. What better time and place to dream about warm-weather days you’ll spend in your Signature Outdoor Room? Natural all-season light reaches through its sliding glass walls toward your sophisticated Dining Room. It also streams directly to the adjacent open-flow gourmet Kitchen. Revel in the supersized service island, gleaming with impressively thick Quartz countertops. The Nolina’s array of sparkling Stainless Steel appliances partner with forever rich European-style cabinets – including those tied into the savvy, and expansive, built-in Pantry. Pump up the upstairs cozy factor in the Grand Suite where your fluffy robe is ready in the spacious Dressing Room. Relax while warm water fills your stand-alone soaking tub. Take time near the vanity, with stylish Quartz countertops and two oversized vessel sinks, to admire the stylish Grohe faucets and fixtures. Tickle your bare feet over large porcelain tile flooring. Three Secondary Bedrooms, one with a generous Walk-In Closet (and one with an optional Bathroom), spill off from the upper-level’s forward-facing Leisure Room comfort. Dark bronze tones define the custom-designed open railing on the staircase. It leads to the main level’s wide Foyer, customized by chic wood and a frosted glass-panel entry door. Follow this to the Home Office, with an option to enclose for further privacy. With cozy elements for any forecast – and spectacular space to maximize luxury for all weather conditions – The Nolina is a 100 percent prediction for fantastic.

Anchored in craftsmanship while soaring in style, The Bramble captures perfect proportions in countless ways that assure families room to grow. From the moment its striking façade ushers you in, this home’s sophisticated qualities take flight. Inside the polished Foyer, manage any work-from-home project in the semi-enclosed Home Office, a must-have feature for many contemporary professionals. MainVue can also fully enclose this to enhance its cozy factor and privacy. With finely sculpted angles, the Foyer continues tracing its way to the open Multi-Purpose Room, where forgiving stain-resistant carpet is ready for energetic kids and movie-and-pizza nights. If you prefer, enclose this room so it can host a home theater or practice space for a budding musician. Conveniently, it’s right across from the Powder Room Vestibule, which doubles as the discreet-and-tidy access to the two-bay garage, handy after a day at the park or beach. Score big points with guests, meanwhile, in the open-flow living area at the rear of this design. It’s where the Dining Room catches an extra burst of volume from the two-story ceiling reaching up to the Leisure Room. Like the magnificent Great Room nearby, it also opens graciously to the all-season Signature Outdoor Room via sliding full-height walls of glass. Each room gains more pop from the designer tile splashback, sleek Quartz counters and supersized island in the Kitchen. One minute, the island is hosting homework projects; the next, it’s the centerpiece to a holiday buffet prepared in the Grand Butler’s Pantry. Flooded with natural light from an extra-long window splashback, this space visually echoes the Kitchen’s European frameless cabinets and dazzling accents. Upstairs, meanwhile, the Leisure Room feels twice as spacious with its semi-open-to-below arrangement and the staircase framing its other side. Each of three Secondary Bedrooms nearby hosts its own Walk-In Closet and shares a cleverly configured dual-sink vanity Bathroom. For ultimate after-hours respite, the Grand Suite is carefully crafted into the entire rear half of this level. Two Dressing Rooms, a therapeutic free-standing soaking tub and luxurious frameless walk-in shower are all yours. Even the dual vessel-sink vanity with thick Quartz counters seems to have your name here. Meticulously modern? Check. Restful and relaxing. Double-check. Exceptionally entertaining? Triple-check. Everything about The Bramble has you covered.
Rosa Duet

Ever-changing faces of contemporary families are impossible to capture in a one-size-fits-all home design. That’s why MainVue offers The Rosa Duet – a malleable plan successfully crafted for needs of those who matter most to you. It’s more than a sophisticated home with all its enviable MainVue luxury inclusions. And it goes far beyond attractive overnight accommodations. This Multi-Generational Plan melds a MainVue’s Duet Living Suite – an iconic and independent dwelling-within-a-dwelling. It means your permanent or extended-stay guests or family find comfort in calling their slice of this home their own home. Nothing for extended guests is left to chance. And nothing for the primary family dwelling is sacrificed. Beyond its spacious sleeping quarters, The Duet Living Suite offers all the trimmings imaginable, including shared fashionable Foyer entry past the modern façade and columned front porch. From here, Duet Living leads to a guest-only double-door Vestibule. To the left: a generous Guest Leisure Room with a kitchenette space flush with a microwave and sink for snack preparation and cleaning. To the right: the inviting Guest Bedroom, with exclusive bath and Walk-In Closet. Back in the main hallway, exceptional configurations continue as the timber-look flooring leads past the Powder Room and classic staircase. Upon arrival in the sweeping Kitchen, chic Quartz crowns the supersized island, and rich European cabinets reveals its largesse of entertainment potential. Visually fused with the sophisticated Dining Room, warm Great Room and Signature Outdoor Room, this is the ultimate definition of togetherness. But don’t stop here. Full height sliding window walls to the year-round Signature Outdoor Room extend openness toward the landscaped rear yard. Drinks around a fire, anyone? Tucked behind the kitchen: a Grand Butler’s Pantry with stunning Quartz surfaces. Savvy connectivity from the Grand Butler’s Pantry with walk-through access to the garage for even larger storables sweetens the deal. Upstairs, the focus is on luxurious privacy. The Rosa Duet upper-level Grand Suite showcases stunning bath and wardrobe amenities. Porcelain tile flooring leads to the stand-alone tub, frameless shower and Quartz-capped vanity with twin vessel sinks. Dual Dressing Rooms are separate off the sleeping quarters. Not to be outdone, two Secondary Bedrooms down the hall feature entry via their own Vestibule off the popular Leisure Room. Both Bedrooms offer generous Walk-In Closets. For two couples. Live-in grandparents. Families with a nanny or au pair. Young adults living with parents before finding their own home. There is no need to sacrifice luxury amenities for anyone in The Rosa Duet. With Duet Style Living, The Rosa Duet only multiplies the splendor.

Radiant Great Room. Action-packed Gourmet Kitchen. Sure-fire Signature Outdoor Room. Intentionally designed with modern dynamics throughout, every touch in The Camellia creates an energy force all its own. Some features - like the purposefully placed central staircase – make a powerful statement by maximizing optimal use of surrounding beautiful space (and hidden storage). Others – including the Dual Dressing Rooms bookending the vaulted-ceiling Grand Suite upstairs – are reserved for your eyes only. All three upper-level Secondary Bedrooms offer their own walk-in closets and two offer personal baths. The most luxurious bath inclusions, however, are devoted to the Grand Suite: sophisticated double vessel-style sinks with stylish Grohe faucets; designer free-standing soaking tub, and an exquisite walk-in shower. Incredible luxuries continue in entertainment zones. Upstairs, the Leisure Room infuses extra space for gaming tables, practicing yoga, and after-school homework. On the main level, the Multi-Purpose Room off the urbane Foyer offers plush carpet for cozy binge-watching or e-gaming. Off a quieter hallway linked to the two-vehicle garage, the more secluded Home Office can host professional team meetings and work-from-home success. Time for adult/work-team happy hours or weekend birthday parties? Good times shift seamlessly deeper into The Camellia’s linear-flowing Gourmet Kitchen, Dining and fireplace-focused Great Room. Dazzling European-styled kitchen cabinets resonate with brilliant KitchenAid appliances. Sweet treats and beverage bars may be served at the 3cm Quartz-crowned supersized island, but they likely started in the L-shaped stock-and-storage Butler’s Pantry and connected service prep Grand Butler’s Pantry. Eventually all the best events make their way way through full-height sliding glass walls opening to the all-season covered Signature Outdoor Room. Rear yard landscaping magic takes off from here. The Camellia offers customized needs, too. Ask MainVue about turning the Home Office into a Guest Room or making the Leisure Room a fifth Bedroom. No matter where you choose to charge up or restore your inner energy, The Camellia has infinite possibilities for your well-earned quantum comfort.

Even if you don’t believe in magic, you can’t help but believe in Trillium – MainVue Homes’ exceptional three-level design perfectly packaged in sophisticated practicality. Trillium waves its wand and creates extraordinarily entertaining open spaces in one motion. In the next pass, coveted places of sanctuary appear. In some cases, the two become one. Almost out of thin air, the Signature Outdoor Room crafts a secluded oasis for morning coffee, lounging – and also an extension of the chic Dining Room for open-flow parties – all dependent on opening or closing stunning wall-height sliding glass doors. Work-from-home professionals, meanwhile, may consider the private Home Office, set near the dynamic front entry door, this home’s tour de force. Others will call the lower level its piece de resistance. Natural window light pours into a spacious Recreation Room here. Sliding glass doors connect to the covered Patio. The Guest Room and nearby bathroom make it especially enchanting for adult children, or overnight friends and family. Just when you think this plan has climaxed – presto! The Trillium conjures up even more luxury inclusions in the Grand Suite, which fills the entire rear of the upper level. Frameless walk-in shower tile accents complement the designer free-standing tub and dazzling Quartz-capped dual-sink vanity. Off the other side of the romantic Grand Suite: an expansive Dressing Room. Beyond this suite’s French doors, a hallway leads to three spacious Secondary Bedrooms with their own Walk-in Closets. A vestibule from these bedrooms links with the Leisure Room, a blueprint for bonus entertainment: video games, jigsaw puzzles or fitness equipment. If you prefer, enclose this space to create a sixth Bedroom. It all comes together on the main level in the sprawling Great Room. Bask in the warmth of the gas fireplace or natural light streaming through oversized windows. It’s a glow shared by the gourmet Kitchen’s luxury arrangement: lustrous, thick Quartz atop countertops and the super-sized Chef’s Island; elegant European frameless cabinetry; and gleaming KitchenAid stainless appliances. Be under no illusion: it’s time for Trillium to cast its spell over you.

Entertain confidently. Live and work responsibly. Dream infinitely. This combination is the lifestyle tenet for The Willow. And it’s why MainVue Homes takes no details for granted here. From the statuesque vertical windows that punctuate the home’s front façade to the enormous wall-height sliding glass doors opening into the corner-set Signature Outdoor Room at the rear of the home, light and vision are always key here. It begins with natural light pouring into the thoughtfully sequestered Home Office. It’s set off the fashionable Foyer beyond the sophisticated glass-panel entry door. The vision pops when rich, wide-plank flooring leads deeper into The Willow – emerging past the staircase – where entertainment is wall-to-wall reward. Become your own barista in the open alcove-style Grand Butler’s Pantry. And there’s no reason you can’t also whip up healthy smoothies in the Gourmet Kitchen next to elegant European soft-close cabinets that only enhance your existing good taste. Both spaces boast thick Quartz countertops and their own unique Window Splashbacks, of course. Don’t be surprised if you choose to sip either beverage in the fresh open air of your Signature Outdoor Room, or perhaps return to the refuge of The Willow’s luxurious Grand Suite. It’s where you can bathe in your designer free-standing tub, relax in the frameless walk-in show, and choose clothes from one of two Dressing Rooms. On this same upper level, all three secondary bedrooms have their own walk-in closet and two enjoy their own ensuite bathrooms. The third bedroom easily accesses the hallway bath. It’s just around the corner from the central Leisure Room, where morning light wafts in to energize your morning workout or add some evening ambiance to a late-night movie. Not sure if you need the Leisure Room? Let MainVue design it as a fifth bedroom. For your entertainment, work or purity of dreaming, The Willow has it all for your lifestyle. With this design, MainVue invites you to bring it on – so it can lift you up.

Elevated living? It’s not just all the volume in The Maple. It’s about finding all the wall-to-wall luxury inclusions in this spectacular three-story design. Inside and out, The Maple kicks this up in countless notches. Streetside, at ground level, you can park in the dual-bay garage with room for up to three vehicles - or free it up to store your favorite recreation equipment. Rise one level up, where The Maple makes you feel like a VIP in your own home with two distinctly separate covered outdoor living areas. Listen to ice cubes clinking as you and guests settle into the Signature Outdoor Room for evening beverages. This space is framed by the chic Dining Room and the Multi-Purpose Room. Want more fresh air? The dynamic deck spanning this design’s front side extends beyond the already sophisticated Great Room. Further personalize your home’s street appeal here by adding comfortable chaise lounges and maybe a spot for a family pet to sunbathe. Discover a separate, unique access to this deck via the semi-secluded Home Office – a connection inviting you to clear your mind while sipping morning coffee and checking emails outdoors. This interior workspace is one of two mid-level rooms where space can be enclosed by MainVue, at your discretion. Consider adding greater privacy to the Multi-Purpose Room, as well. Sprawling visual flow, meanwhile, is a mainstay from the stunning Gourmet Kitchen’s supersized island and surrounding rich-textured engineered hardwood-like flooring. Check kids’ homework atop the island’s beautiful 3cm Quartz counter finishes. Grab after-school snacks in the Grand Butler’s Pantry – a walk-through to the essentials storage Pantry. After hours, when kids are tucked into any of the three third-level secondary Bedrooms, discover the leisure of preparing a late-night dinner with the Kitchen’s gleaming Stainless Steel appliances before settling down to watch flames flicker in the Great Room’s energy efficient gas fireplace. And after after-hours, tiptoe up the separate and second staircase past the casual Leisure Room, through the Grand Suite vestibule and into your personal do-not-disturb zone. It’s luxuriously complete with a soothing stand-alone soaking tub calling your name. High-end finishes surround the entire Grand Suite. Pamper your night-time routine at the double-sink vanity with stylish lighting that showcases a glass-enclosed shower and contemporary tile accents. In The Maple, reaching your own personal peaks is less about a long journey and more about enjoying the peak conditions of daily luxuries.

When Next-Level Living dictates innovation, The Banyon has you covered. It’s why this spectacular three-story design arranges its two-car garage at ground level – and tucks it under the mid-level primary living area – striking a statuesque streetscape pose. In whispers and raves, compliments roll into the chic glass-paneled entry leading to a soaring two-story Foyer. Beyond the Foyer, a spacious vestibule leads toward the home’s discreet Home Office. Enhance the privacy in this professional workspace further by asking MainVue to enclose it. Up the staircase, the middle level reveals an eye-popping layout. Spin 360 degrees near the trendy Dining space. The panorama unfolds toward the comforting fireplace in the corner-set Great Room and the supersized island into the spellbinding gourmet Kitchen. Indulge a late-night sweet tooth in the Grand Butler’s Pantry, which boasts two window splashbacks, extensive storage for elaborate entertaining and the same stunning 3cm Quartz countertops and soft-close European frameless cabinets found in the gourmet Kitchen. The Banyon doubles down on covered outdoor spaces on this level, too. Through full-height window walls off the central Dining space, the Signature Outdoor Room spans the home’s entire length. Fire table? Barbecue grill? Happy Hour or naptime lounge zone? Possibilities are limitless. A separate deck off the Great Room invites you to showcase dazzling potted plants and exterior holiday season decor. Choices also abound in the flexible Multi-Purpose Room adjacent to primary living space. Enclose it for a more intimate TV room, or have MainVue turn it into a Guest Bedroom, potentially enhanced with a three-quarter Bathroom. Upstairs, it’s also possible to include the large Leisure Room, making it a potential fifth Bedroom with walk-in closet and private Bath. Three other Secondary Bedrooms – each with a walk-in closet and two with their own private Bathroom – are arranged at the rear of The Banyon. At the front, the luxurious Grand Suite awaits behind the vestibule’s French doors. Dazzling tile accents the Grand Bath’s designer free-standing soaking tub, frameless walk-in shower and expansive dressing room. By elevating its design to three innovative levels, The Banyon proves that it is truly raising the bar in luxury living.


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