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Direct from the Designers’ Desk: Suite Dreams are Made of This

MainVue Grand Suites

Pure relaxation. Inspired lighting. Refined retreat vibes. Ultimate volume.

It’s time to break out the bath salts and cuddly robes because an intentionally designed MainVue Homes Grand Suite is like having a luxury hotel room in your own home.

Your own sweet dreams and daytime indulgences come into focus here. It starts with thoughtful arrangements. Our professional design team takes particular care in placing all of our blissed-out bed-and-bath combinations. Positioning our Grand Suites apart from secondary bedrooms and popular Leisure Rooms and convenient Utility Rooms maximizes privacy for homeowners. In many arrangements, you’ll even find a transition space – including discreet vestibules – to reveal the sophisticated introduction to your Grand Suite.

Even before you fluff and puff your pillows, the suite’s ultra-space invites you to put your style signature here. Special attention has already been paid to ensuring each Grand Suite is spacious enough for a king-sized bed and a pair of nightstands against the bed wall while still leaving space for your imagination. Your own soft sheets, quilt and comforter will thank you. Discover some of our designs that showcase a designated TV space and a morning coffee and tea bar. It’s as if your Grand Suite is gifting you personal room service.

This combination is particularly conducive to starlight beauty sleep – and the moonbeams that stream in through brilliant, oversized windows. Bonus-sized windows aren’t merely high-level standard in MainVue’s main living areas. We’ve designed them into Grand Suites, too. We make sure unique patterns and placements for our windows become synonymous with our enhanced architectural features. The result is absolutely unforgettable.

As if our buyers weren’t already infatuated with the bedroom space in the Grand Suite, the Grand Bath sweeps them off their feet yet again – and into a spa-style freestanding bathtub. Imagine all your favorite essential oils and aromatherapy products wafting through the air when you emerge from the separate shower alcove. Dry off with your plush towels near the joined dual-sink vanity. We’ve selected only the most attractive cabinet, countertop and flooring finishes to capture a casual-luxury style. Visual continuity is a bath suite priority for us – and it amplifies the dazzling first impressions.

All of these special touches by MainVue’s design team come together to make sure each first and final waking moments of your day are luxury at its finest. The only thing you need to add is your robe and slippers.

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