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MainVue Homes is a worldwide leader in new home design and construction bringing customers access to the latest in home design with the best in customer care. Learn more about our company, our mission and our commitment to our environment and neighborhoods.

Our Pledge. Our Principles. Our Purpose.

The MainVue Way

The MainVue Way

Some call it our ethos. But really, it's less about us and more about you - the people we build for and the communities they live in.

You put your trust in MainVue Homes for the greatest investment you will ever make in life: your family and your home. That's why we want you to share what drives us and what inspires us to earn and maintain this trust. It's our spirit, our philosophy and our attitude.

Giving, Growing, and Re-Energizing. Each of these principles drive us - day-to-day and for the future - to be the best Washington neighbor and best global steward that MainVue Homes can be.

Henley Properties Philanthropy

Henley Properties Philanthropy Over $24.9 Million in Donations Worldwide

Since our start of our philanthropy efforts in Australia in 1993, we have contributed more than $24.9 million worldwide. Over the past several decades, we have built and auctioned more than 67 homes - each to benefit children’s hospitals. In 2015 MainVue Homes launched their philanthropic efforts in the US by donating 100% of the proceeds of a MainVue home to the Research Department at Seattle Children’s Hospital - an estimated gift of over $900,000. This work has helped re-develop neo-natal services, fund new cancer research and vital medical equipment. This work has helped re-develop neo-natal services, and funded vital medical equipment. To build upon Henley’s foundation of philanthropy, and continue to support communities both locally and globally, MainVue Homes is proud to announce their second Seattle Children’s Charity House that launched Fall 2017. MainVue Homes teamed up with Tehaleh by Newland Communities and the pair are donating 100% of the purchase proceeds from the sale of a brand-new home on a stunning lot at Tehaleh, to Seattle Children’s Research Institute- a gift of over $700,000.


2017 MainVue Seattle Children's Charity House MainVue Seattle Children's Charity House at Tehaleh

We are extremely excited to announce that the MainVue Seattle Children’s Charity House at Tehaleh has officially sold! The Charity House raised $704,950 that will be going directly to Seattle Children’s Hospital, benefiting Strong Against Cancer and The Research Discovery Fund. MainVue Homes and Tehaleh would like to thank all the entities involved in this project who donated their time, energy and assets and sharing the company vision that if we can improve just one child’s life the effort is all worth it!

By supporting Seattle Children's Research Institute, MainVue Homes and Tehaleh by Newland Communities are helping doctors and researchers provide better care and more cures creating positive changes - both now and into the future. The money will benefit Seattle Children's Strong Against Cancer initiative and the Research Discovery Fund. MainVue Homes and Henley remain dedicated to placing philanthropy as a top goal of the company, and are honored to help, support and strength the communities around us.

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MainVue Homes Corporate 8.17.2017 MainVue Day 2017

On September 14th, 2017 MainVue employees embarked on the company's third annual MainVue Day! This day of volunteering allows our U.S team to grow the commitment and determination that Henley Properties Group and Sumitomo Forestry Group dedicate to philanthropic efforts worldwide. Henley Properties Group and Sumitomo Forestry Group are already doing some amazing things around the world to give back, and now the MainVue Seattle and Dallas teams continue to build upon to these incredible efforts!

Our Washington team volunteered at the Children's Therapy Center in Kent, where together we donated over 300 hours of labor including painting the building, landscaping the entrance and repairing a shed onsite.

Our Texas team spent the day volunteering at Frisco Family Services, an organization that exists to help members of our communities who are facing hunger, homelessness and other urgent needs improve their quality of life and achieve self-sufficiency. MainVue employees spent the day helping to organize the Resale Shop and Food Pantry.

MainVue Homes Seattle Children's Charity House

MainVue Homes Seattle Charity House Over a $900,000 Gift to Seattle Children's

MainVue Homes and the Estates at Sugarloaf Mountain have teamed up to provide a helping hand where one is needed most, the Research Institute at Seattle Children's.

This dynamic duo will donate 100% of the purchase price from the sale of a brand new MainVue home on a estate-sized lot at Sugarloaf Mountain directly to life-saving research at Children's.

By supporting Seattle Children's Research Institute, MainVue Homes and the Estates at Sugarloaf Mountain are helping physician scientists continue to provide better care and more cures creating positive changes - both now and into the future.

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MainVue Homes Corporate 8.17.2016 MainVue Day 2016 - Seattle and Dallas

There’s exciting buzz going around the MainVue office because on August 17th, 2016 all employees will embark on MainVue Day! What is MainVue Day you ask? It’s a full day of all MainVue employees (around the nation) volunteering throughout the communities we build in! This year, Washington will be participating in rebuilding and restoring community centers in both Maple Valley and Monroe and across the country in Texas, employees will be sorting foods and goods for Frisco Family Services.

Employees have the chance to choose where they volunteer and take the whole day off from work to do so with their co-workers. It’s the chance to give back to the communities we build in as well as get out and enjoy some time away from the office with all employees.

MainVue Homes is part of the internationally respected Henley Properties Group in Australia who has placed philanthropy as a top goal of their company, donating more than 25 million dollars to Children Hospitals.

MainVue Homes Corporate 9.17.2015 MainVue Day 2015 - Seattle and Dallas

In September of 2015 MainVue Homes kicked off the start of an annual tradition of a single day volunteer effort. Together MainVue Homes' employees volunteered at four separate charities across two different states. The commitment and dedication displayed by the MainVue team is just a piece of the philanthropy efforts put forth by Henley Properties Group and Sumitomo Forestry Group.

MainVue Homes is proud to have supported the following institutions on MainVue Day: Auburn Valley YMCA , Pasado's Safe Haven , >Miracle League Baseball Field, and the North Texas Food Bank.

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Efficent Energy Use from Top to Bottom Re-Energizing

When you buy a MainVue Home - with its responsible, reliable and cost-effective energy efficiency systems - you share all the rewards with the environment. It starts with MainVue’s ENERGY STAR™ Advanced Lighting Package - a sterling feature that uses 75 percent less energy than older standard fixtures. Our LED bulbs are toxin-free and 100 percent recyclable.

Since this lighting system generates 75 percent less heat, it also reduces a homeowner’s need for high-cost home cooling - a leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions. Even the simple light bulbs in ENERGY Star-qualified fixtures - which last about 10 times longer than standard bulbs - save you money. A single LED bulb requires the material and production of 25 incandescent bulbs. The overall result: MainVue Homes rewards you with lower energy bills.

Save even more money with our York natural gas furnaces. They hold a 80 percent rating for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency - and consume 30 percent less fuel for operation. That makes your heat bill lower.

Utility bills drop even more with MainVue’s use of tankless water heaters. Because these systems heat water on demand, they don’t require the expensive energy needed to keep standby water hot indefinitely. Some homeowners will see savings of up to 30 percent with these systems.

Overall, this energy efficiency means greater comfort and savings for MainVue homeowners - and is yet another example of MainVue Homes’ leadership in environmental responsibility and healthy living.

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Replenishing our Earth Growing

At MainVue and Henley, we know that building homes takes both vision - and retrospection. We have learned this from our recent successes as well as the experiences drawn from a rich 320-year heritage - something our partners call the “Sumitomo Spirit.” It has taught us that balance and harmony with the earth and its resources is more important now than ever before.

Already, this reinforces the Sumitomo’s world-recognized “Project Earth” program which works to off-set all carbon emissions that go into the logging, production, manufacturing and building of each one of the 13,000 homes we build each year.

It has also solidified our mission to actively regenerate forests. In fact, Sumitomo reforests in one year an area that is equal to twice the total floor area of new homes we build and speculation homes we plan during that year. Our annual area planted is nearly 745 acres - with almost 300,000 indigenous trees - plus some fast-growing tree species. We use an “environmental plantation” for forest regeneration - and a separate “industrial plantation” that logs adult trees for building materials and furniture. Both are in a part of East Java in Indonesia. One area has been ravaged by volcano-caused forest fires leaving only grassland; the other uses land outside national forests that has been designated for this use and is supported by local workers for its preservation policies.

The result: This initiative contributes to regional revitalization by providing local employment opportunities as well as a stable source of income from the sale of timber.

It’s a long-term commitment. We plan to manage and cultivate these plantations until March 2026 - and it’s just one example of how MainVue and Henley value the importance of harnessing “the power of the forests” for a better future for all.